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FATF removed Mauritius from grey list

Mauritius removed from FATF grey list

The Financial Action Task Force (FATF) has removed Mauritius from its list of ‘Jurisdictions under Increased Monitoring’ during the fifth Plenary of the FATF which took place on 19-21 October. This comes after an on-site visit conducted by the FATF in September of this year where Mauritius has been hailed as ‘Compliant or Largely Compliant in 39 […]

All Saints Day in Mauritius - Church of Cap Malhereux

Celebrate All Saints’ Day on November 1

All Saints’ Day on November 1 is a public holiday in Mauritius. It is one of no less than 15 public holidays authorised by the island government to accommodate the multi-religious population. In the beginning, when the Roman Empire persecuted Christians, so many martyrs died for their faith, that the Church later dedicated certain days in […]

The Essence by 2Futures Mauritius Trou Aux Biches

Island lifestyle investment with exclusive hotel privileges

Foreigners with permanent residency in mind can make an island lifestyle investment and get exclusive hotel privileges when they invest in property at The Essence in Mauritius. This is one of the most popular tropical islands in the Indian Ocean, and the government has introduced several incentives for foreigners to live and work there. For […]

Serenity Villas Pereybere Mauritius

New home buyers influence housing boom in 55 countries

The Knight Frank Global House Price Index just released for Q2 2021 shows that people looking for a new place to call home have influenced a pandemic-induced housing boom with prices rising by 9.2% on average across 55 countries and territories in the year to June 2021. “Ten of the world’s developed economies averaged price […]

tax comparison 2futures mauritius

Tax by country – how does Mauritius compare?

Tax by country is a hot topic among those in the know when they talk about the advantages of moving to Mauritius. Both individual and corporate tax rates in Mauritius compare favourably, and are a major motivator, particularly for South Africans looking for Plan B. What’s more, the tax treaty between South Africa and Mauritius […]

Relocate to Mauritius – listen to the experts

Need a helping hand when you’re planning to relocate to Mauritius? Bolt Home Mauritius does just that, while 2Futures helps you find the island home of your dreams. As idyllic as the end goal is there are still hoops to jump through to meet the government’s legislative requirements. That’s in addition to managing the logistical […]

Retire in Mauritius

The best retirement plan: Moving to Mauritius

Are you 50+ and planning your retirement in Mauritius? If you have questions about the ins and outs of the process, you’re not alone. The best idea is to consult the experts. Rinie Boshoff, sales consultant at 2Futures, talks to Elizabeth Keeve and Ancerine Harmse, managing partner and relationship manager respectively at Bolt Home Mauritius, […]

ganesh chaturthi Mauritius

Ganesh Chaturthi in Mauritius

If you’re in Mauritius on September 11, 2021, you’ll be able to watch or participate in Ganesh Chaturthi. This is one of the island’s most important events in terms of its cultural and religious landscape. The festival celebrates the birth of Ganesha, the Hindu god of prosperity and wisdom, also considered the Lord of Beginnings. […]

foreign investment guide for mauritius

Foreign real estate investment guide for Mauritius

Political and economic stability, a secure legal framework, attractive taxation, and a solid banking system are a few of the reasons why Mauritius enjoys an excellent international image! It is also ranked as the happiest country in the African continent according to the World Happiness Report 2021 published by the United Nations. In this blog […]

2beach residences floor plan sample

4 reasons why you should buy property off-plan

Conditions imposed by the global pandemic continue to inspire people to make changes to their home environment and lifestyle. Many are keen to buy property off-plan that better suits their changing needs. Those who are scaling up or down, or planning to move to Covid-safe countries like Mauritius will be well advised to buy property […]

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