Tips, advice and info about investing and living in Mauritius

New roads boost quality of living in Mauritius

Several road projects completed recently on the island is providing a further boost to the quality of living in Mauritius. The government inaugurated two of these new roadways in 2020 at the north of the island. These roads significantly improve the mobility pivotal to the life quality in the island’s towns and villages, especially in […]

Mauritius real estate hurdles pandemic challenges

2Futures and other major players in the Mauritius property market expect healthy growth for their sector in 2021. They believe that the island’s real estate industry has already hurdled the adverse effects of the Covid-19 pandemic. An anticipated rise in demand from rental property investors fuels the local developers’ optimism. Encouraging for these investors, Mauritius […]

Pointe aux Piments exudes an enduring charm

Pointe aux Piments is a tourist village in the northwestern part of Mauritius that has not lost its small-town charm. For this reason, Mauritius homes for sale in this coastal area are very much in demand. The most coveted of these residences are those on the beachfront. 2Futures has quickly sold apartments at its Ocean […]

Why expats love to live in the north of Mauritius

Looking at the island’s topography can easily tell you why many expatriates in Mauritius choose to live in the north. It quickly comes apparent viewing the map of Mauritius that bays and lagoons abound on its northern side.  These bodies of water are generally calmer than the surrounding sea and their beaches more family-friendly. Mountainous […]

For an adrenaline rush, make it Mauritius

Luxury holidays in Mauritius have revolved around outdoor adventures for a growing number of visitors in recent years. The annual World Travel Awards has attested to this trend. It named Mauritius in 2019 and 2020 as the Indian Ocean’s Leading Adventure Tourism Destination. Remarkably, you don’t have to plot far-flung itineraries to get that dose […]

New luxuries await visitors once Mauritius' border fully reopens

Foreigners arriving in Mauritius can enjoy greater levels of luxury once the island’s border fully reopens. Most players in the country’s travel industry, such as operators of Mauritius apartments for tourists, have invested heavily in refurbishments. They did these projects while tourism is on a lull because of the international travel restrictions following the coronavirus […]

Scenic joy ride through the north of Mauritius

Ask locals on the most rewarding joy ride for them in Mauritius, and it’s likely they’d pick a coastal route northward. The reasoning for their pick is sound. This track traverses scenic coastal roads and side streets that more than flaunts Mauritius 5-star resorts. This route also offers astonishing points of interest that reveal the […]

Modern contemporary living at the beach

If you enjoy living like a local, at the beach, in the island style, but prefer a more modern, contemporary look for your home, then 2Beach Residences  is for you. Only a few penthouses are still for sale at this boutique development in the coastal village of Pereybere in the north of Mauritius. It’s also […]

Mauritius Covid-19 vaccination update

Kailesh Jagutpal, Mauritius Minister of Health and Wellness, has announced that a new batch of 100,000 vaccines was expected to arrive in Mauritius on February 20, 2021. Le Mauricien reported that so far 4,422 people have been vaccinated from the 100,000 vaccines already available in Mauritius. Minister Jagutpal was speaking to members of the press alongside Dr […]


Where to invest in upmarket Mauritius property

We chatted to Junaid Salehmohamed, director at 2Futures, about trends in luxury property and the challenges around delivering upmarket Mauritius homes to increasingly discerning clients. Q. A large segment of the Mauritius property sector has long been marketed as a high-end investment product that offers great returns. Accordingly, do you think that the island holds […]

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