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Meeting people in Mauritius

Top 9 ways to meet people when you move to Mauritius

Top 9 ways to meet people when you move to Mauritius Meeting people in Mauritius can help you settle into island life once you have moved into your new luxury home. Moving is one of life’s most stressful events. A sense of community where you connect with like-minded locals and expats with common interests can […]

Domotics smart homes Mauritius

Make life easier with domotics (smart home technology)

Smart home technology enhances the experience of living in more extensive and luxurious homes by enabling the automatic and remote control of electronic devices you rely on to make life simpler via an app. Also known as domotics (derived from the Latin for home, which is “domus”), home automation may involve scheduling lighting to come […]


Events in Mauritius

What’s on in Mauritius?   Wondering what’s on in Mauritius when you’ve had enough sun, sea, and sand? The island might be small, but its cultural heart is enormous. If you’re in the mood for a party, one way to start is to follow the beat of the traditional sega, whether in a resort or […]

Education system in Mauritius

Education systems in Mauritius among the best in Africa

One of the first things expats want to know about moving to Mauritius is what the education system is like. Let’s start with the stats. According to a World Education Forum report, the results of which were published by Bscholarly, Mauritius education ranks in the top four of 38 countries surveyed in Africa. The aim […]

Mauritius voted Best Island in the World 2Futures articles

Mauritius voted Best Island in the World

Ask any local, and they’ll tell you that Mauritius is the best island in the world. Now, it’s official according to Big 7 Travel’s tally of votes in their recent poll. Mauritius ranks top of their list of 50 Best Islands in the World. Big 7 Travel curates recommendations gathered through readership surveys, audience input, […]

2Futures and PAWS sterilisation campaign

Spaying and neutering campaign with PAWS

The birth of the partnership between 2Futures and PAWS started with a sterilization campaign in the Mon Loisir region on Friday 12 August. Our team members at 2Futures and the volunteers at PAWS spent the day talking to, encouraging and convincing pet owners to bring their pets for free sterilisation. And we received a turnout […]


What noncitizens should know about banking in Mauritius

The enduring trend to pursue a better quality of life holds the spotlight firmly on Mauritius because of the island’s appeal to expats looking for a new home and investors wanting to develop business interests there. Having access to cash is a priority for all concerned and it’s a good idea to do your homework […]

Mauritius Badminton Team Sponsored by 2Futures

All Africa Mixed Team Championship 2021

2021 saw 2futures as the sponsor of two brilliant badminton players at the All Africa Championships 2021 in Uganda. Melvin Appiah, aged 22, is currently ranked 3rd in the Badminton National Team and Vilina Appiah, aged 18, is ranked 4th in the female Badminton National Team. As siblings, the pair has been living and breathing badminton […]

Fractional ownership – a new way to obtain residency in Mauritius

Foreign investors longing for island life will be able to purchase property and obtain residency under the Mauritius fractional ownership policy. This long-awaited milestone announcement follows the recent presentation of the Mauritius National Budget 2022-2023. What does it mean? In short, foreigners will be able to partner up to buy one property and apply for […]

Move to Mauritius

Living in Mauritius – the island dream

Are you thinking about living in Mauritius permanently or commuting between the island and South Africa? Living in Mauritius as a South African is easy. The tropical climate is similar to that in the eastern part of the country. Think Durban and surrounds. In Mauritius, school and university education is good and available in English […]

Infinity By The Sea location panoramic view

New Mauritius homes for sale at Infinity by the Sea

Infinity by the Sea delivers on all levels when it comes to Mauritius homes for sale in line with the global trend towards tranquil living in natural environments. 2Futures, the island’s leading property developers, secured prized seafront land for these Mauritius homes for sale in Black River. Infinity by the Sea is at the head […]

Life over 50 in Mauritius

If you break out in hives at the mere mention of the ‘R’ word (retire) or – worse – the ‘P’ word (pension), you haven’t considered life over 50 in Mauritius. Fifty is not old, but the Mauritian government invites sun-worshippers in this age group to live their best life on the paradise island. All […]

A South African's guide to relocating to Mauritius

A South African’s guide to relocating to Mauritius

Those keen on relocating from South Africa to Mauritius will be buoyed by the island’s recent whitelisting by the Financial Action Task Force (FATF). As a result, the island government expects a significant boost in business promotion and tourism. The global money laundering and terrorist financing watchdog placed Mauritius on its grey list last year. […]

Aapravasi Ghat

Mauritius celebrates the 187th anniversary of ‘The Great Experience’ 

The 2nd of November is a public holiday marking the commemoration of the Arrival of Indentured Labourers in Mauritius. The island is often described as a peaceful multicultural, multilingual, and multiethnic mosaic. This is the result of colonisation from settlers and the workforce they brought along, mainly through slavery and engaged workers. More than 80% […]

All Saints Day in Mauritius - Church of Cap Malhereux

Celebrate All Saints’ Day on November 1

All Saints’ Day on November 1 is a public holiday in Mauritius. It is one of no less than 15 public holidays authorised by the island government to accommodate the multi-religious population. In the beginning, when the Roman Empire persecuted Christians, so many martyrs died for their faith, that the Church later dedicated certain days in […]

Diwali in Mauritius

Celebrate Diwali, the Festival of Lights, in Mauritius

Monday, October 24, 2022 is Diwali in Mauritius. Diwali is a public holiday on the island. It marks the end of a five-day celebration, aligning with the new moon (therefore the darkest night) according to the Hindu calendar. Mauritius has the third-highest Hindu population in the world, behind India and Nepal. Hindus make up just […]

The Essence by 2Futures Mauritius Trou Aux Biches

Island lifestyle investment with exclusive hotel privileges

Foreigners with permanent residency in mind can make an island lifestyle investment and get exclusive hotel privileges when they invest in property at The Essence in Mauritius. This is one of the most popular tropical islands in the Indian Ocean, and the government has introduced several incentives for foreigners to live and work there. For […]

Serenity Villas Pereybere Mauritius

New home buyers influence housing boom in 55 countries

The Knight Frank Global House Price Index just released for Q2 2021 shows that people looking for a new place to call home have influenced a pandemic-induced housing boom with prices rising by 9.2% on average across 55 countries and territories in the year to June 2021. “Ten of the world’s developed economies averaged price […]

tax comparison 2futures mauritius

Tax by country – how does Mauritius compare?

Tax by country is a hot topic among those in the know when they talk about the advantages of moving to Mauritius. Both individual and corporate tax rates in Mauritius compare favourably, and are a major motivator, particularly for South Africans looking for Plan B. What’s more, the tax treaty between South Africa and Mauritius […]

Relocate to Mauritius – listen to the experts

Need a helping hand when you’re planning to relocate to Mauritius? Bolt Home Mauritius does just that, while 2Futures helps you find the island home of your dreams. As idyllic as the end goal is there are still hoops to jump through to meet the government’s legislative requirements. That’s in addition to managing the logistical […]

Retire in Mauritius

The best retirement plan: Moving to Mauritius

Are you 50+ and planning your retirement in Mauritius? If you have questions about the ins and outs of the process, you’re not alone. The best idea is to consult the experts. Rinie Boshoff, sales consultant at 2Futures, talks to Elizabeth Keeve and Ancerine Harmse, managing partner and relationship manager respectively at Bolt Home Mauritius, […]

ganesh chaturthi Mauritius

Ganesh Chaturthi in Mauritius

If you’re in Mauritius on September 11, 2021, you’ll be able to watch or participate in Ganesh Chaturthi. This is one of the island’s most important events in terms of its cultural and religious landscape. The festival celebrates the birth of Ganesha, the Hindu god of prosperity and wisdom, also considered the Lord of Beginnings. […]

foreign investment guide for mauritius

Foreign real estate investment guide for Mauritius

Political and economic stability, a secure legal framework, attractive taxation, and a solid banking system are a few of the reasons why Mauritius enjoys an excellent international image! It is also ranked as the happiest country in the African continent according to the World Happiness Report 2021 published by the United Nations. In this blog […]

2beach residences floor plan sample

4 reasons why you should buy property off-plan

Conditions imposed by the global pandemic continue to inspire people to make changes to their home environment and lifestyle. Many are keen to buy property off-plan that better suits their changing needs. Those who are scaling up or down, or planning to move to Covid-safe countries like Mauritius will be well advised to buy property […]

permanent residency in mauritius

Silver economy gets traction in Mauritius

The silver economy is one of the world’s most significant trends. It’s huge… and growing… and the Mauritius government wants part of it. So they invite applications for permanent residency from older members of Gen X (born 1965 to 1980) and Boomers (born 1955 to 1964). The EU defines the Silver Economy as “the sum of all […]

Under the Mauritius sun

If you live in a country where safety is a concern, try living under the Mauritius sun. Yes, that is a play on the title of Under the Tuscan Sun, the 2003 movie where “Diane Lane journeys to Tuscany and jumps into real estate”. You may be inspired to do the same thing when you land on […]

retire in mauritius

Retirees can love and live in Mauritius

Safety and security, health, and wellbeing remain top priorities for those looking for a better-quality lifestyle. This makes Mauritius immensely attractive to retirees.   What do retirees want?  Blue-rinse brigade? Definitely not. Today, you can’t define retirees by their age. They are simply people who have chosen to stop working and have “completely different expectations […]

Mauritius hotel stay July - September borders opening

Certified COVID-19-safe hotels to choose for Mauritius holidays

The travel industry is buzzing. Mauritius is opening up to fully vaccinated visitors for holidays from July 15, 2021. Enjoy the resort, without being confined to your room! This rule applies until September 30, 2021. Where to stay for Mauritius holidays  You can book your holiday at a certified COVID-19 safe hotel through your tour […]

Real estate bank loan in Mauritius for foreigners

Can a foreigner get a home loan in Mauritius?

Rinie Boshoff, real estate consultant for 2Futures, talks to Felicia Twala, senior relationship manager at Absa Bank Mauritius, about home loan opportunities for foreigners wanting to buy island property. Absa Bank is one of the top five banks in South Africa. It is listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange. It is a Pan African bank […]

Le Morne Brabant beach

Hiking Le Morne, a must-do in Mauritius

If you’re living in the west of Mauritius, you’re practically at the foot of the magnificent Le Morne Brabant. But if you choose to invest in property elsewhere on the island, and still want to explore all parts of it, you should make hiking the 3.5km up Le Morne Brabant a priority. Tourists who love […]

Mauritius budget news 2021 2022

8 ways to boost Mauritius real estate sector – Budget 2021/22

Dr Renganaden Padayachy, the Minister of Finance, Economic Planning and Development for Mauritius, announced ways to promote short- and medium-term economic growth in his Budget 2021/22 speech. This bodes well for construction and real estate. These are 8 highlights from among the Budget 2021/22 real estate sector incentives: MUR 2bn earmarked to support the purchase […]

Live in Mauritius

Live in Mauritius and feel like you're on holiday

Do you want to live in Mauritius as though you are permanently on holiday? You can when you buy a home at The Essence, the latest luxury residential development to be launched in the north of the island. The developers have conceptualised an environment that delivers the ideal coastal lifestyle to investors wanting exclusive hotel […]

Mauritius Opening Borders

Vaccinated travellers have more scope for Mauritius travel

Vaccinated travellers can get out their packing lists and prepare to travel to Mauritius, the paradise island. The borders are reopening with new protocols in place for travellers wishing to visit the island from July 15, 2021. These apply to tourists, resident permit holders and Mauritians returning from abroad, among others. Efforts made by the […]

Reasons to buy a property at Les Residences de Mont Choicy 1

16 reasons to buy at Les Residences de Mont Choisy, Mauritius

Looking to buy a beachfront property in Mauritius? Look no further than Les Residences de Mont Choisy in the north. Designed with the luxury hotel lifestyle in mind, this investment property is ideal for swallows, for business people living on the island part-time, or for active seniors (50+). For location, it’s difficult to beat. It’s […]

2Futures mauritius

Ki Residences offer new apartments for sale in Mauritius

The winds of fortune beckon to rental investors on new apartments for sale in Mauritius. The Ki Residences project of 2Futures will be ready for occupancy in the third quarter of 2021. These apartments bear the markings of potent rental returns and capital growth. The plus factors going for achieving these investor gains include the […]

grand gaube

Buying a Mauritius beach house: here's what you need to know

It’s wise to focus on picks in Grand Gaube if you’re in the market for a beach house in Mauritius. And it’s easy to see why. At this village, it’s more practical to maintain a beach house as a vacation home doubling as a rental property. Significantly, there are just two major beach resort hotels […]

French diaspora in mauritius

Pereybere: fertile ground for a couple’s first home

A couple buying their first home is the start of an exciting journey. Shopping for a house for sale in Mauritius though can be challenging as the island’s property market is relatively small. More so for couples with a limited budget, which is often the case for those just starting out. For these first-time homebuyers, […]

Incentives lure first-time homebuyers to Mauritius real estate

Residential developments exclusively for Mauritian buyers are amongst the best-selling properties of 2Futures. At Le Barachois, which 2Futures completed in 2020, local buyers already took all its available units.  Another project, Ocean Point, only has two apartments left unsold on the Mauritius real estate market as of the 2021 second quarter. Government incentives, especially those […]

Ocean Point Beachfront Residences

Ocean Point Mauritius real estate great for work-life balance

And Ocean Point is a smart choice for Mauritian homebuyers seeking a residence that helps foster a better work-life balance. This beachfront Mauritius real estate development is convenient to everything that drives the energy of the island. As a result, living in Ocean Point makes it easier to equalise career or business priorities with the […]

Invest in Mauritius for smart rental returns

Prospects look bright onwards 2021 for those who choose to invest in Mauritius rental properties geared for tourists. A recovery in Mauritius’ travel industry is brewing fast. Covid-19 vaccination in the country’s major tourist markets and on the island is progressing strongly towards achieving herd immunity. The European Union, a leading source of tourist arrivals […]

Living in Mauritius: your key to wellness

Coastal living is a common thread amongst the bestselling residences in Mauritius. Casa Alegria Beachfront clearly manifests such a magnet on living in Mauritius. In early 2021,  2Futures sold out the 13 pre-construction units of this new project on Pereybere Beach. Also, two other 2 Futures beachfront developments – Ocean Grand Gaube and Ocean Point –are […]

Why Mauritius real estate sales are mounting up

The continuing efforts to sharpen the appeal of luxury Mauritius real estate to foreign investors are bearing precious fruits. Market penetration of 2Futures’ high-end projects approved under the government’s real estate development schemes has been gaining momentum. This after the government fine-tuned these schemes to include new come-ons for investors. In one of these developments, […]

Mauritius property for resort-living communities

Residential projects developed along a resort lifestyle are star performers in the Mauritius property market. Remarkably, sales have been vibrant in 2Futures’ resort-living communities despite the headwinds of the Covid-19 pandemic. Two of these projects — Ocean Grand Gaube and Ocean Point  are nearly sold out as of the 2021 second quarter. Sales are brisk in […]

2Futures carving new milestones in the north of Mauritius

2Futures marks a 2021 milestone, with its Les Residences de Mont Choisy ready to welcome its first residents in the second quarter. This new icon of luxury apartment for sale in Mauritius features 20 residential units. These high-end apartments were built under the potent Real Estate Scheme wherein purchases are open to foreigners. 2Futures developed […]

Where to buy the most walkable homes in Mauritius?

Explore Grand Baie to buy a house in Mauritius least car-dependent for access to the island’s amenities.  2Futures has several property developments in this area that are walkable to all local points of interest.  As a desirable side benefit, their residents’ reduced car usage and carbon footprint help protect the island’s environment. Well-designed tandem For […]

Cash in a fortune: invest in Mauritius real estate

The basics show there’s money to be made if you have the smarts to invest in Mauritius residential property developments. Demand for housing in this country of 1.3 million is high, considering its remarkable growth in homeownership. A Mauritius bank study showed that as of 2011, 89 per cent of the country’s households own their […]

Tips for foreigners opening a bank account in Mauritius

Foreigners out to buy a property in Mauritius‘s real estate development schemes must open a local bank account. The government requires this step as part of the due diligence process in authorising foreign purchases under the schemes. The buyers must open this bank account as an escrow account designed for a Know-Your-Client (KYC) exercise of […]

Mauritius residential property for sale at Ocean Point

Signing a deal on a Mauritius residential property for sale is surely a momentous event for Mauritians. And more so if the purchase they close is for a property at Ocean Point Beachfront Residences in the north of the island. There are many reasons to celebrate owning a property in this 2Futures development in Pointe […]

buying a home in mauritius

Let the golden years shine: retire in Mauritius

Many seniors pine to retire in a tropical island paradise. And on this metric alone, living in Mauritius would fit the bill for most. Aeons of the Indian Ocean’s caress blessed the Mauritian coast with some of the world’s best beaches. The island, on the embrace of turquoise ocean waters of the tropics, is of […]

properties north mauritius

The X-factor that drives expats north to Pereybere

2Futures sold out Casa Alegria in Pereybere in early 2021, again showcasing the X-factors that draw expats to this locale. Wedged between Grand Baie and Cap Malheureux on the north, Pereybere is ideal for expat life in Mauritius. Mauritians of French origin were the dominant settlers in this area past the late 1920s. Thus, this […]

Property development mauritius

Brand Mauritius flexes strength, and properties north score wins

Mauritius real estate in the north shares much marketing exposure from the country’s recent global promotion campaign. This effort helps highlight the merits of developments like 2Futures’ Ki Residences in Pereybere. The campaign, dubbed as  #MauritiusNow, offers charming vignettes of island life seen through the eyes of locals. Prominent amongst these experiences are quaint beach […]

Ocean Grand Gaube puts homebuyers in the fast lane

The market for real estate in Mauritius sure needs more developments in the mould of Ocean Grand Gaube. So buyers have been closing deals fast prior to its expected 2022 completion. There are six principal reasons why buyers are grabbing investment opportunities here. View properties for sale  1. Coveted coastal location at Grand Gaube This […]

Choosing the right property developer in Mauritius

Top 5 things to consider when buying property in Mauritius

The tax incentive is one of the top 5 reasons for South Africans to move to Mauritius. Buying property priced from USD375,000 upwards also comes with the privilege of permanent residency. Before you make the final decision on the move, the purchase, or both, make sure you seek expert advice to fully understand the Mauritian […]

2beach residences

Mauritius homes for sale at 2Beach Residences

Construction at 2Beach Residences is going full steam ahead to meet the demand for Mauritius homes for sale in the northern part of the island in 2021. By the looks of it, 2Beach Residences is following the early market success of Casa Alegria, another 2Futures project. Both developments are located in Pereybere village, a coastal […]

2Futures mauritius

Here’s a Ki formula for Mauritius real estate

Investors on Mauritius real estate sure are finding it smart to move fast on purchase opportunities in Ki Residences. Entering the 2021 second quarter, buyers have only seven picks left out of the 56 units of this 2Futures development in Pereybere. Thus, by the looks of it, Ki Residences stands to grab a sizable share […]

Own your dream mansion on a tropical island

Fancy living in what amounts to a dream four-bedroom mansion on a tropical island? You can if you act quickly to buy this four-bedroom island villa for USD 1m in Pereybere, Mauritius. That’s not a typo, either. Although you might think it is. It’s a limited-time offer on one luxurious, freestanding  525m2  villa on a plot more […]

Mauritius real estate on parade: take your pick

The Mauritius real estate industry has grown by leaps and bounds over the years. Pivotal to this growth are the various development schemes that opened the Mauritius property market to foreign homebuyers. Since 2007, 2Futures has implemented most of its real estate projects under these programmes. Check out the range of 2Futures projects below. They […]


No wait for a getaway home, Manta Cove's ready for occupancy

For those who pine for a  getaway home ready for occupancy, there’s no need to wait long. At Manta Cove,2Futures has masterfully melded Mauritius property for sale beachfront with the hideaway elements of a mountain peak with ocean views. Such a combination comes few even in a tropical island setting like Mauritius. Moreover,  the completion […]

Ocean Point: dream beachfront homes for Mauritian buyers

2Futures has a great opportunity for local buyers who pine for dream homes on the Mauritius real estate market. Ocean Point Beachfront Residence, a 2Futures development exclusively for Mauritian buyers, still got two unsold units as of the 2021 second quarter. This property is located at Pointe Aux Biches just a short distance from Grand […]

COVID-19 management update for Mauritius

With the current national lockdown expected to be lifted on May 1, 2021, we at 2Futures are looking forward to being back in the office as soon as possible. While we are well used to working remotely, according to our usual high standards, our team will begin a phased return to our Pointe aux Canonniers […]

Only three homes still for sale at prime beachfront development

Ocean Point, the prime beachfront development in Pointe aux Biches in the north of Mauritius, is on track for completion by year-end. One of the joys of investing in and living at this type of boutique project is the sense of space, being away from the crowds, and being close to nature. This is a […]

Beachfront property for Mauritians

You are Mauritian through and through. You were born on paradise island, which means you have privileges regarding buying beachfront property that nobody else has. Here’s the thing – there are only two homes still available for you to buy at Ocean Point, in Pointe aux Biches, in the north. Whether you live on the […]


Mauritius homes for sale are a 2Futures speciality

Looking for a new place to call home? The north of Mauritius could do it for you in 2021. 2Futures has a wide selection of Mauritius homes for sale ready for occupancy or delivery later in 2021 and in 2022. The new residences soon to be delivered total 280 units in eight 2Futures real estate […]

Les Résidences de Mont Choisy parades wealth of amenities

Homebuyers have increasingly grown more conscious about onsite amenities as a result of the lockdowns that Covid-19 triggered onwards 2020. On this buying sentiment, new Mauritius homes for sale at Les Résidences de Mont Choisy have the exact answer. It parades a wealth of amenities rarely found in other Mauritius real estate developments. Set for […]

Serenity Villas unlocks iconic barefoot luxury in virtual tour

The immediate impact of Covid-19 has underscored the huge importance of the sheltered spaces we inhabit. So, be sure to check out this 2Futures presentation if you’re in search of a villa for sale in Mauritius. This is a virtual tour of space treatment in the Serenity Villas wherein the contemporary design evokes luxury as well […]

How the home buying process sails smoothly in Mauritius

Buying a residence surely is a complex process. More so if you are buying a real estate property overseas away from your home base. As 2Futures develops a real estate property in Mauritius for foreigners, it thus extends its developer’s role and provides expert purchasing assistance to the prospective buyers. At the outset, the in-house […]

Unlock the best deals on Mauritius homes for sale here

Finding the residences priced just right can be a challenge especially for homebuyers entering a foreign market. In Mauritius, buyers of prime residences already built can even face the hurdle of competing bids from other buyers. This comes because overall demand for Mauritius homes has picked up since the country opened real estate investments to […]

properties for sale mauritius

Les Résidences de Mont Choisy is move-in ready

We all agree that 2020 had its challenges, but one good thing that came out of it was the completion of Les Résidences de Mont Choisy – on schedule. That means it is move-in ready. Les Résidences de Mont Choisy is a Real Estate Scheme by 2Futures, the leading residential property developer in the north […]

The colours of your new life in Mauritius

Picture the scene. Couples strolling along a Boulevard lined with flamboyants in full bloom towards the heart of the Mont Choisy Smart City. Their mission? To meet friends at their favourite restaurant, or have a coffee, or browse in a newly discovered boutique. Then there are the families walking, jogging or cycling along the Boulevard, […]

The joys of a boating lifestyle in Mauritius

Next to owning a car, boat ownership in Mauritius provides a great way to fully enjoy the country’s island lifestyle.  At a moment’s notice, boat owners, especially those living in a beach house in Mauritius, can engage in many exciting activities. Off from its 330 kilometres of coastline, Mauritius possesses about 2.3 million square kilometres […]

2beach residences

Mauritius homes at mid-range pricing: what are the choices?

Turn to Mauritius if you’re looking for mid-priced homes typically within the USD270,000-375,000 range in major property markets around the world. Your choices of Mauritius homes priced at this mid-range include newly built residences. These houses also typically flaunt high-end features like those typical of gated communities. Significantly, the mid-priced homes in other overseas markets […]

Networking for business opportunities in Mauritius

Moving to a new country can be a daunting challenge. More so, if you’re building a career, exercising a profession or engaging in commerce in your new environment. Relocating and pursuing work or business opportunities in Mauritius, however, comes a bit easier. The country has several private organisations where you can build a local network […]

Mauritius got the horse power, find its great trails here

Count horse riding as one of the delights of living in Mauritius. Across the island, there are many stables from which to draw the steeds for joyful rides around various locales. Even horse-riding newbies can enjoy an equestrian experience as most local stables provide professional guides for them. In the north of Mauritius, living in […]

Island accommodations for expats: the best choices in Mauritius

Mauritius has granted Occupation Permits to over 16,800 foreigners during the past six years. As a result, these expats living in Mauritius have created a potent market niche for real estate developers. 2Futures, as Mauritius’ no. 1 luxury real estate developer, has therefore brought into the market residences fit for expats’ needs. In these developments, […]

Enjoy the cosmopolitan vibe in North Mauritius

Explore Grand Baie and discover Mauritius homes for sale basking amidst a rare cosmopolitan island atmosphere. This village and its suburbs in the north of Mauritius have increasingly grown as a homebuying destination of various nationalities. This multinational mix interfacing with Mauritius’ inherent multi-ethnic populace brings about a cosmopolitan flavour in and around Grand Baie. […]

Foreigners love living in the north of Mauritius

Island lovers who yearn to live the beach lifestyle are attracted to Mauritius for a myriad reasons. Depending on their age and stage in life, foreigners will buy to suit their lifestyle needs and desires. Their common goal is to achieve an improved quality of life, in a safe, secure country, where health and wellness […]

2Futures mauritius

Top 7 reasons to buy spacious apartment at Ki Residences 

Only seven apartments are still for sale at Ki Residences, and we can think of seven great reasons to buy one! The 56-unit development is near the best swimming beach at Pereybere in the north of Mauritius and there is currently a great deal on one of them. For a limited time only, one ground-floor apartment […]

Unlocking Mauritius passport for foreigners: how and why

Foreigners who have legally lived in Mauritius for a qualifying period can seek naturalisation. Non-citizens who invest in Mauritius can pursue this process with their investment as a stepping stone. In turn, they can gain many benefits from acquiring a Mauritian passport. The Henley Passport Index rates the Mauritian passport amongst the top 3 in […]

AO Residences: a prestigious address in Mauritius

Investors, for sound reasons, are wont to put  AO Residences  on their watchlist on Mauritius apartments for resale. Since 2Futures completed it in 2015, this development became one of the most esteemed properties on the island. Its coveted location at Merville Beach makes AO Residences stand out on the Mauritius real estate market. This property is […]

Mauritius real estate remains a dominant investors' choice

Many investors are not letting the Covid-19 challenges derail their plans to put up stakes in Mauritius real estate. During the first nine months of 2020, real estate activities took almost 73% of gross direct investment in Mauritius. Mauritius property investments during the period amounted to MUR6.62 billion, Bank of Mauritius figures show. Out of […]

Mauritius villas deliver sanctuary of space for the new normal

Lessons learned from the Covid-19 lockdowns have underscored the wisdom of homeowners who chose to purchase luxury villas in Mauritius. They not only have a safe sanctuary during the mandated isolation to contain the Covid-19 pandemic. These homeowners also enjoy spacious accommodation within an enervating setting that luxury villas in Mauritius extend. For these reasons, […]

Here are some winning moves for rental investors in Mauritius

Averse to the risks of stock or forex investments? If so, then invest in Mauritius rental properties. These investments promise a more stable income flow. As winsome, you can even hold your property as a seasonal vacation home for you and your family. Rental yields in Mauritius’ capital city, Port Louis, was estimated in one […]


Love the beach lifestyle at 2Beach Residences in Mauritius

If you buy a home at 2Beach Residences near Pereybere Beach in Mauritius you love the location. That’s obvious. But what can you do there, really, if you want more than just the benefit of the salt air? Water sports and ocean-based activities are a big attraction for residents and tourists alike, and the north has […]

Demand surge for second residency reaches Mauritian shores

Recent industry reports indicate South African demand is surging for second homes overseas. And amongst the home-buying choices, Mauritius homes for sale count as one of the South Africans’ leading picks. Significantly, new data from an independent global financial advisory firm showed South Africans ranking amongst top nationalities seeking a second residency abroad. This report […]

Why more vacationers pack up for luxury holidays to Mauritius

Mauritius is a multicultural country of various faiths and multiple events to celebrate. And for this reason, the nation counts amongst countries with the most holidays. All told, vacationers can pack up for luxury holidays to Mauritius revolving around 14 religious and secular events. These holidays include those of the country’s major faiths—Hindu, Christian, Muslim, […]

invest in mauritius

Make it Mauritius for broader business, career planning horizon

Entrepreneurs and professionals need an ample time horizon to plot the most fruitful path for a career or business overseas. Considering this fundamental, moving to Mauritius for these folks now offers the best timeframe to carry out their plans on expatriation. So, if you’re a self-employed professional or an investor searching for growth opportunities abroad, […]

2Futures projects buoy Mauritius property market

A buoyant mood awaits foreign investors eyeing entry into the Mauritius property market. This thanks largely to the new home construction of 2Futures progressing steadily and already gaining traction amongst home buyers. Government expectation that Mauritius “is on track” towards herd immunity following its Covid-19 vaccination launch also greatly boosts the market’s sentiment. The completion of […]

New Mauritius real estate projects on investors’ radar screen

Wealth advisors recommend that an investment portfolio dedicate up to 50 per cent of its assets to real estate. There’s much wisdom to this advice, especially on investment in Mauritius real estate. Value appreciation on the island’s real estate is robust. This growth can buffer investors’ exposure in the volatile financial and capital markets. Industry […]

Mauritius adopts slow return to normal post-lockdown

The number of active local cases in Mauritius stands at 407 as of April 1, 2021, and 56 patients have been discharged. Two more COVID-19 related deaths have been registered. The coronavirus has brought the Mauritius death toll to 12 since the outbreak of the pandemic on the island. Meanwhile, government has eased lockdown restrictions […]

No fence-sitting for Mauritius real estate buyers

Prospective buyers of Mauritius real estate cannot afford to dilly-dally these days. The inventory of the island’s property market is fast getting thinner. And they may miss out on the best picks if they fence-sit for too long. Despite the Covid-19 pandemic, demand for both resale and off-plan market listings has been exceptionally strong, industry […]

New real estate act builds buyer confidence further

Expect trust, integrity, and transparency to be the buzzwords for real estate agents in Mauritius in 2021. These core values, notably already a bedrock for 2Futures, form the framework of the country’s Real Estate Agent Authority Act. The Parliament passed this act in July 2020 to further build confidence amongst buyers of real estate on […]

2Beach Residences is a real estate winner

A coastal property development such as 2Beach Residences by 2Futures is often rated as a real estate winner in the Mauritius property market. The company has already delivered 552 residential units in a dozen completed projects. An additional 280 residences in eight developments are under construction, including 2Beach Residences. 2Beach Residences is located along the […]

Reap the gifts of the sea and more: unwrap three from 2Futures

Mauritius property for sale beachfront perfectly combines the elements of pristine shores and crystal-clear ocean waters. Thus, a home beachfront is one of the most coveted residences on the island.  In fact, Le Barachois, a development that 2Futures completed in 2020 on the shoreline of Calodyne, sold out quite quickly. In early 2021, buyers also […]

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Experience barefoot luxury at 2Beach Club

The amenities of a luxury beach resort are for delivery soon to the homeowners of select inland developments of 2Futures. With these resort facilities, the homeowners effectively enjoy having a private beach house in Mauritius. 2Futures tapped the design services of Cape Town-based architecture firm for the architecture of 2Beach Club. This beachfront project has […]

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Why buy your vacation home in Mauritius

There are plenty of reasons why buying a vacation home in Mauritius is a wise decision. Many developers in recent years turn out Mauritius homes for sale well suited as seasonal residences for holiday getaways. In building the said homes, developers in Mauritius have recognised that there is a growing crop of buyers sold on […]

Penthouse apartments in Mauritius: what are the advantages?

Penthouses in Mauritius are the ideal choice for buyers looking for fantastic views and luxury amenities.  Coastal penthouses on the island, in particular, offer unobstructed views. This is so unlike in many homebuying destinations elsewhere in the world where high-rise condominiums are the norm along the coast. Penthouse apartments in Mauritius enjoy this advantage because […]

26% of UHNWIs are planning to buy a new home in 2021

26% of ultra-high-net-worth individuals (UHNWIs) on the planet are planning to buy a new home in 2021, according to Knight Frank’s recently released The Wealth Report 2021. This is up from 21% last year. Liam Bailey, global head of research at Knight Frank says: “Demand is especially strong for rural and coastal properties, with access […]

Mauritius real estate portfolio: What’s in it for you?

Mauritius real estate remains attractive to foreigners since the country allowed non-citizens to invest in freehold property on the island nearly 20 years ago. Despite the coronavirus pandemic’s constraints, non-citizen acquisition of residential properties amounted to MUR9.2 billion in 2020, according to the Economic Development Board (EDB). The Mauritian government’s dynamic approach to foreign real […]

Talk to us about investing in a luxury Mauritius home

Mauritius might be in lockdown for the time being but that doesn’t mean that we’re on holiday! Business continues as usual, albeit remotely, with WhatsApp and Zoom now an integral part of our daily lives. “Some people have been talking about the impact of the pandemic on the property market,” says Rinie Boshoff, a real […]

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Luxury properties are sizzling hot in Mauritius, here's why

The segment for luxury real estate in Mauritius looms to outperform the overall property market onwards 2021. Indicative of this trend, 2Futures sold out in February its high-end Casa Alegria Beachfront development in Pereybere. With a development value of USD8 million, Casa Alegria has 13 units consisting of penthouses, villas, and apartments. It has a […]

Nationwide lockdown in Mauritius

The Prime Minister of Mauritius, Pravind Kumar Jugnauth, has announced a nationwide lockdown from Wednesday 10 March 2021 at 06H00 (GMT+4) to Thursday 25 March 2021.   This is to curb the resurgence of domestic Covid-19 cases. (Mauritius recorded 28 local cases in the past week). We will keep you updated on the situation here through regular communiqués.  […]

Top 8 best places to eat in the Grand Baie area

We’ve put together a list of the best places to eat in the Grand Baie area, as recommended by locals. 1. The Beach House Bar & Restaurant is legendary, put on the map initially by former South African rugby player Cabous van der Westhuizen. He has since sold his interest in the venue, but it […]

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Why more South Africans pivot to Mauritius

The number of folks moving to Mauritius from South Africa has been on the rise for years. And by recent indications, this trend can even gain further momentum. South Africans now have more windows to pinpoint opportunities to work and live or invest in Mauritius. These new portals loom from the agreements that the Economic […]

Mauritian architecture: a tropical style that enlivens the senses

The warm tropical climate of Mauritius largely influenced the architecture of its residences. The country’s rich history is likewise a factor in the concept behind many of the beautiful houses in Mauritius. This amalgam of environmental and historical influence manifests in the French colonial houses on the island. These vintage homes served as the residence […]

New roads boost quality of living in Mauritius

Several road projects completed recently on the island is providing a further boost to the quality of living in Mauritius. The government inaugurated two of these new roadways in 2020 at the north of the island. These roads significantly improve the mobility pivotal to the life quality in the island’s towns and villages, especially in […]

Mauritius real estate hurdles pandemic challenges

2Futures and other major players in the Mauritius property market expect healthy growth for their sector in 2021. They believe that the island’s real estate industry has already hurdled the adverse effects of the Covid-19 pandemic. An anticipated rise in demand from rental property investors fuels the local developers’ optimism. Encouraging for these investors, Mauritius […]

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Penthouse living at Ki Residences, Pereybere

Demand has been high for homes at Ki Residences, a 56-unit development near Pereybere Beach in the much-loved north of Mauritius. There are only three penthouses still for sale, one of which has a study that suits the work-from-home lifestyle. This trend is now well entrenched worldwide.    If you buy a penthouse, the good news is that construction is almost complete so you can be […]

Pointe aux Piments exudes an enduring charm

Pointe aux Piments is a tourist village in the northwestern part of Mauritius that has not lost its small-town charm. For this reason, Mauritius homes for sale in this coastal area are very much in demand. The most coveted of these residences are those on the beachfront. 2Futures has quickly sold apartments at its Ocean […]

Why expats love to live in the north of Mauritius

Looking at the island’s topography can easily tell you why many expatriates in Mauritius choose to live in the north. It quickly comes apparent viewing the map of Mauritius that bays and lagoons abound on its northern side.  These bodies of water are generally calmer than the surrounding sea and their beaches more family-friendly. Mountainous […]

For an adrenaline rush, make it Mauritius

Luxury holidays in Mauritius have revolved around outdoor adventures for a growing number of visitors in recent years. The annual World Travel Awards has attested to this trend. It named Mauritius in 2019 and 2020 as the Indian Ocean’s Leading Adventure Tourism Destination. Remarkably, you don’t have to plot far-flung itineraries to get that dose […]

New luxuries await visitors once Mauritius' border fully reopens

Foreigners arriving in Mauritius can enjoy greater levels of luxury once the island’s border fully reopens. Most players in the country’s travel industry, such as operators of Mauritius apartments for tourists, have invested heavily in refurbishments. They did these projects while tourism is on a lull because of the international travel restrictions following the coronavirus […]

Scenic joy ride through the north of Mauritius

Ask locals on the most rewarding joy ride for them in Mauritius, and it’s likely they’d pick a coastal route northward. The reasoning for their pick is sound. This track traverses scenic coastal roads and side streets that more than flaunts Mauritius 5-star resorts. This route also offers astonishing points of interest that reveal the […]

2beach residences

Modern contemporary living at the beach

If you enjoy living like a local, at the beach, in the island style, but prefer a more modern, contemporary look for your home, then 2Beach Residences  is for you. Only a few penthouses are still for sale at this boutique development in the coastal village of Pereybere in the north of Mauritius. It’s also […]

Mauritius Covid-19 vaccination update

Kailesh Jagutpal, Mauritius Minister of Health and Wellness, has announced that a new batch of 100,000 vaccines was expected to arrive in Mauritius on February 20, 2021. Le Mauricien reported that so far 4,422 people have been vaccinated from the 100,000 vaccines already available in Mauritius. Minister Jagutpal was speaking to members of the press alongside Dr […]


Where to invest in upmarket Mauritius property

We chatted to Junaid Salehmohamed, director at 2Futures, about trends in luxury property and the challenges around delivering upmarket Mauritius homes to increasingly discerning clients. Q. A large segment of the Mauritius property sector has long been marketed as a high-end investment product that offers great returns. Accordingly, do you think that the island holds […]

Le Morne Brabant Beach Mauritius

Top 4 winning traits of a Mauritius community

When you are in the market for a Mauritius residential property for sale, it is important to bear in mind that you’re not only buying a home. You are also buying into a neighborhood and become part of a community. The good news is picking a neighbourhood in Mauritius won’t be much of a problem […]

A place in the sun awaits expats in Mauritius

Mauritius promises a more potent hunting ground for skilled and talented young expats seeking overseas career opportunities in 2021. The country has adopted new policies making it more attractive for qualified foreign professionals to consider moving to Mauritius. These new measures were adopted not only to address the country’s manpower skills gap. They were also […]

Advantages of investing in Mauritius just got bigger

Mauritius is adding more platforms to further encourage foreign capital into the country. These measures are on top of prior government steps establishing a smooth path for foreigners to invest in Mauritius.    In 2020, the government established the following mechanisms beneficial to opening and running a business enterprise in Mauritius: Business facilitation in one […]

Port Louis: Mauritius capital tops African cities

The lofty stature of Port Louis amongst African cities helps bring property for sale in Mauritius prominent on the radar screen of investors. Port Louis has earned this distinction in the annual quality of living ranking of the U.S. consultancy firm Mercer. In recent years, Mercer has consistently ranked Port Louis amongst the world’s top […]

Top 10 things to consider when moving to Mauritius

Given the choice, where do you wish to hang your hat for the rest of your life? Dreaming of sunny Mauritius? Island living has everlasting appeal, no matter your age and stage in life. If you’re looking to move to this paradise island, there are a few important things to consider to help you decide. […]

Smart ways for foreigners to find Mauritius property for sale

Its different nationalities as a foundation helped propel Mauritius as a progressive nation and a thriving economy. With the multicultural strength it developed, the country hence allows non-citizens contributing to its growth to own real estate on the island. The government, however,  only allows Mauritius property for sale to foreigners under certain programmes. These schemes […]

2Futures projects go full steam in the north of Mauritius

The government approved a total of 400 applications for Mauritius residential property for sale to foreigners in 2020. These purchases, made under the various real estate schemes for non-citizens, may hit a higher total in 2021. Despite the Covid-19 pandemic, Mauritius real estate developers like the island’s No. 1, 2Futures, entered 2021 firing from all […]

SA laws change as regards withdrawal of retirement funds

Those intent on moving to Mauritius must complete financial emigration by end February 2021. South Africans who have finalised financial emigration, or have their full application submitted to the South African Reserve Bank before the end of February 2021, have until then to withdraw their retirement funds. This includes the withdrawal of a retirement annuity, […]

Home developers' confidence secure investments in Mauritius

Mauritius has successfully kept its reputation as a safe destination for foreigners investing in real estate despite the coronavirus-induced economic challenges. This comes thanks to the continuing confidence of the luxury home developers on the island. They set in 2020 the implementation of Mauritius property investment projects valued at MUR10 billion, the Economic Development Board […]

4 good reasons to buy your home in Mauritius in 2021

Despite 2020 unleashing worldwide difficulties, 2021 looms as a good time to buy a house in Mauritius. In January,  the Covid-19 vaccine rollout gained ground in Mauritius and its major economic partners and thus boost prospects for the world economy and the country’s real estate market. This literal shot-in-the-arm towards a global economic recovery further […]

Covid-19 vaccine for Mauritius 

Mauritius launched its national vaccination campaign against Covid-19 on January 27.  To mark the occasion, approximately 100 frontliners were vaccinated against the virus at the Victoria Hospital that day.   The vaccination is intended to protect the Mauritius population by limiting its spread, decreasing its severity and thus reducing its mortality and morbidity rates.  Mauritius has been Covid-safe since 26 November 2020.    How to get vaccinated against Covid-19   Anyone wanting to be vaccinated […]

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Luxury real estate in Mauritius girds for 2021 upturn

Luxury real estate in Mauritius is girding for a rebound in the 2021 second quarter. Sangeetha Ramkelawon, Deputy Chief Executive Officer, BCP Bank, indicated this prospect in Global Finance Mauritius magazine. Ms. Ramkelawon attributed her optimism mainly to the tempting Mauritian government incentives granted to foreign real estate investors in recent years. She likewise cited the appetite […]

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Why demand for private villa in Mauritius gains traction

A private villa in Mauritius is amongst the upscale residential options gaining market attention on the island. High-net-worth foreigners moving to Mauritius, drawn by government incentives, are helping fuel this positive trend for this local property segment. New incentives on foreign investments bring further impetus to the demand for upscale villas in Mauritius. Set under […]

Homebuyers' guide in choosing the right real estate agent

A  homebuying journey promises to be an exciting experience, with the right choice of a  real estate agent in Mauritius. Quite often, a fruitful hunt of a residence often forges a long-lasting friendship between buyers and their agents. But as in most professions, real estate agents are not created equal as they take their clients […]

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The World Bank delays 2021 Doing Business report

The latest New World Wealth report on wealth migration, published in collaboration with AfrAsia bank, highlights ease of doing business as a motivating factor for High Net-Worth Individuals (HNWIs) to relocate to other countries. For that reason, Mauritius is among those that attract a steady number of HNWIs, many of whom invest in luxury island […]

Why HNWIs move to Mauritius

Mauritius continues to attract High Net Worth Individuals (HNWIs) because of its low crime rates, good schools and plentiful business opportunities, which has a knock-on effect for the property sector. Its successful containment of the coronavirus outbreak bodes well for its economic recovery in the future. These are some of the findings published by wealth […]

A guide: Mauritius naturalisation for foreign investors

Many foreign investors are wont to choose real estate in Mauritius island not only because of the potential investment returns. With the right property holdings on Mauritian soil, they gain a foothold to the few paths on Mauritian citizenship and passport. The government grants Mauritius nationality to foreigners through these four avenues: registration, adoption, incorporation […]

Plot an easy pathway to own a piece of Mauritius

There are many things to thresh out when you’re planning to buy land in Mauritius and eventually build a house on it. There’d be price negotiations, for sure, and legal formalities have to be completed in the land purchase. The entire land-buying process is typically time-consuming. And for this reason, many property investors, especially foreigners, […]


Mauritius is primed up for global investors

Mauritius offers a wide range of offshore investment vehicles suited for varying investment strategies. These conduits include the Mauritius investment funds that private companies created for global investors’ entry into the potent African market. Mauritius, over the years, has successfully streamlined its legal and corporate framework to grow its investment fund sector.  Thanks to this system,  […]

Questions to ask when you buy a house in Mauritius

The Mauritius real estate market teems with plenty of residential choices, especially for foreign buyers. Thus, when you buy a house in Mauritius or in any other market for that matter, finding the perfect match can be a challenge. Choosing the right home takes a lot of research and asking the right questions. This way […]


Time is of the essence when you’re visiting an island, for whatever reason. If your intention is to buy luxury property in Mauritius, for example, or book a luxury rental for a holiday or short business trip, you want to capture every sunset, even if you don’t make it to every sunrise. But that’s just […]

Wealthy property investors rate locality and surroundings

Investors in luxury property are looking at location and proximity to nature when deciding where to buy in Mauritius. In addition, there is a growing trend for more families to work remotely and live at the coast instead of in the city. For South Africans, it could mean investing in a new island home. Almost […]

New visa regime creates new rental market niche

Property investors interested in rental returns in Mauritius can look forward to a new revenue stream, thanks to the launch of the Premium Travel Visa. This renewable visa, introduced by the Mauritius government, is valid for one year. It is open to noncitizens who intend to visit and stay on the island as tourists. Retirees […]

4 tips on buying a new home in Mauritius

Searches on Mauritius homes for sale will certainly veer towards a slew of choices in new real estate projects. In the Real Estate Scheme (RES) alone, which the government tailor-made for foreign buyers, the government has listed 85 projects.  An additional 54 developments have also been entered in the Property Development Scheme (PDS), another programme […]

Island living: the benefits to enjoy in Mauritius

The numbers have it, island life in Mauritius is drawing more and more foreign nationals in recent years. Figures from the UN-related International Organization for Migration (IOM) indicate so. IOM statistics show a 6.8% rise in Mauritius residence permits granted to foreigners in 2011-2013 alone. Various government schemes henceforth further encouraged foreign ownership of real […]

Why a PDS home in the north of Mauritius sells well

Buyers are biting Mauritius real estate listings in projects set under Property Development Scheme (PDS). Buying interest, despite the odds of the Covid-19 pandemic,  has been most noteworthy in PDS developments north of the island for good reasons. First, this market drift appears part of homebuyers’ migration away from dense urban areas in the wake […]

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Luxury island homes attract foreign investors

Mauritius has long been a key focus for South Africans looking to invest in luxury island homes. There are several reasons for this. Among them are safety and location close to their home country. However, they are not the only ones enamoured with island life. Mauritius ranks among the Top 5 best African islands, according to Condé Nast Traveler’s Reader’s Choice Awards 2020 survey.   […]

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Introduction to Ki Resort, Mauritius

Mauritius has always been a key getaway for South Africans, an attraction that shows no sign of abating. The island government welcomes foreign investment in approved developments such as Ki Resort. Many South Africans have already bought residential property on the island to secure a fixed holiday or permanent home. What’s more, new legislation has […]

How Mauritius shields its coastal, marine assets

Beach villas in Mauritius are undoubtedly amongst the most valued properties on the island. Their waterfront location forms part of precious coastal and marine assets enjoying firm and sustained government protection. This official stance is, of course, quite comforting for beachfront homeowners, as well as reassuring for aspiring investors on similar seaside homes. For its […]

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Why turn to the west coast in searching for a new apartment for sale in Mauritius

Most real estate agents concur on this when investors ask them about upscale choices on a new apartment for sale in Mauritius. The options they’d give would most likely include those on the island’s west coast like the Manta Cove of 2Futures. The residences on this Black River district of Mauritius, particularly those on the […]

Mauritius island communities safer from Covid-19

Real estate investors scouting overseas markets amidst the Covid-19 crisis surely would want to take note of this. Mauritius homes for sale enjoy a safety edge in this pandemic, given their island location and the country’s health protocols. Because of the country’s success against Covid-19, the British daily The Guardian cited Mauritius amongst island nations […]

Foreign buyers invest in designated property developments in Mauritius

The Property Development Scheme (PDS), which has replaced the Integrated Resort Scheme (IRS) and Real Estate Scheme (RES), allows the development of a mix of residences for sale to noncitizens, citizens and members of the Mauritian diaspora. These range from luxurious villas to spacious, light-filled apartments. What is a Property Development Scheme (PDS)? The Property […]

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Foreign buyer’s guide for property investment in Mauritius

Mauritius is the most popular destination in the Indian Ocean, with its favourable tropical climate all year round and fine sandy beaches. With political and economic stability, a secure legal framework, attractive taxation and a solid banking system, Mauritius enjoys an excellent international image. Moreover, the United Nations’ World Happiness Report 2020 rates Mauritius as […]

Embracing environmental wellness in Mauritius

Luxury residential properties developed around the pillar of love and protection of the environment have increasingly become the market’s darling globally. This market drift suggests that upscale property buyers now equate wellness in luxury living in several ways. These buyers don’t just want chic designer homes or only search for high-end personal and social amenities. […]

Unpack your inner designer

The stress of moving is well documented. Whether it’s a local move, or to another city, province, or country, psychologists say that leaving the centre of your existence at any time can instil panic. Moving is emotional. There is attachment to hope for new beginnings, fear of disappointment, fear of change, as well as feelings […]

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The sailing eases a bit more for Mauritius homebuying

A home purchase is surely a complicated process that requires meticulous steps. Fortunately, players in the real estate industry continuously work to streamline the entire buying process. Choosing properties, for instance, is now more convenient, thanks to online Mauritius real estate listings. Prospective home buyers now need not physically visit properties on their wish list. […]

Trou aux Biches: a star in the beach constellation of the north of Mauritius

Be sure to scope out Trou aux Biches village if searching for a residence suited as a rental property investment. Specifically, your search on Mauritius homes for sale should focus on the waterfront of this village. This coastal area of Trou aux Biches features a two-kilometre, award-winning public beach. Have a look at the list […]

Why Mauritius apartments are ideal for first-time investors

Mauritius is an ideal market for foreign investors to flag off their first foray to cash in on rentals.  And the rationale is sound for this. The government has successfully installed several incentive programmes enabling non-citizens to buy an apartment in Mauritius as a rental investment. Amongst these schemes, the G+2 is one great template […]

Residency by investment: why choose Mauritius?

Attracting foreign capital has always been a major focus in the economic development strategies of many countries including Mauritius. To lure investors from overseas, the country offers various incentives, such as tax breaks on foreign investment opportunities in Mauritius. The country has also joined other jurisdictions in wooing capital from overseas through investment programmes providing […]

Mauritius after dark: top music lounges and bars in the north

Getting in the groove with party-goers in Mauritius after sundown would typically drift to the north of the island. The Mauritius 5-star resorts in this area would often have their onsite bars, but even their guests still often opt venture out. Indeed, why not? There’s so much to experience in the music lounges and clubs […]

2Futures Lucky Draw Winner Announced: Manta Cove Weekend Stay

We are pleased to announce that Kevin Manning is the winner of the 2Futures lucky draw for a weekend stay at Manta Cove, the most prestigious beachfront property in Tamarin, Mauritius. This amazing prize will give him the chance to experience why residents love this address so much. This part of the west coast offers […]

New landmarks rising on Pereybere's horizon foretells apartment buying hotspots

Pereybere, the coastal suburb of Grand Baie, is fast becoming a hotspot for apartments for sale in Mauritius. And it’s easy to see why. Recent progress on 2Futures projects in Pereybere shows the makings of veritable new landmarks that should excite prospective home buyers. 2Futures’ commenced site preparations for Ki Resort in October 2020, providing […]

In the swing of things

Northfields International School hosted its largest charity fundraiser event at Mont Choisy Le Golf in the north of Mauritius on October 24, 2020. The 2Futures team was among the 150+ guests who showed their support to the 12 four-balls, who were given tee-off times from 8am. We sponsored the 18th hole, positioned near the clubhouse, supplying […]

2Futures helps clean up Mauritius project site

Leading Mauritian luxury property developer, 2Futures, supported World Cleanup Day with an organised clean-up in Grand Gaube in the north of the island in September. “At 2Futures, we take protecting our environment to heart. Our team is fully committed to following guiding principles as regards on-site protection of local fauna and flora on our construction […]

villas mauritius rentals

2Futures flexes competencies in apex home builds

If you’re buying a property in Mauritius as a foreigner, 2Futures has a top-of-the-line build certainly worth the pick. Since its creation in 2007, 2Futures has developed strong core competencies to deliver home construction apex in quality. Because of this, 2Futures has attracted over 500 clients from 16 different countries. Out of the developer’s total […]

moving to mauritius

4 steps on relocating to Mauritius

Moving to Mauritius, as relocating to any destination overseas, surely calls for crafting plans and detailed steps. The whole exercise notably starts on a firmer footing for foreigners buying a residential property on the island. Their purchase of homes priced from USD375,000 not only makes them eligible for a residence permit.  In their purchase, they […]

Reasons to invest in island homes hold water

Mauritius has long been a key focus for South Africans looking for an island home, because of its proximity to their home country. They are not the only ones enamoured with island life though. Mauritius ranks among the Top 5 best African islands, according to Condé Nast Traveler’s Reader’s Choice Awards 2020 survey. There are […]

Turn to Mauritius food markets for less costly and fresh purchases

Expats relocating to Mauritius come well-advised if they skip supermarkets and instead shop for their kitchen provisions in fresh food markets. Foodstuff sells cheaper here, and they also can haggle in cordial interactions with the locals. Fruits and vegetables cost less on the island’s food markets, as these are sourced locally. The arable land in […]

This quartet drives shopping madness up north

There’s a concentration of large shopping centres in north Mauritius, making it the top shoppers’destination on the island. The shopping hubs in this area are just a few kilometres apart, and two, in fact, are just across each other. Thus, living in Mauritius inevitably leads to these commercial hubs that could drive a frenzy amongst […]

Car ownership and driving in Mauritius: what you need to know

There’s so much to see and things to do in Mauritius. And having a car would definitely be the most convenient way to move around the island. That said, a car purchase is a logical Mauritius property investment for those buying a home and relocating to the country. The factor of car ownership is likewise […]

Foreign investors warm up some more on Mauritius real estate

The recently liberalised rules on the sale of property in Mauritius to foreigners appear resonating well amongst buyers. A poll in a webinar of the Cape Town magazine Real Estate Investor held September 2020 captured this encouraging sign. The survey showed that 40% of the webinar attendees are looking at real estate investment and permanent […]

Let 2Futures add "vitamin sea" to your lifestyle

Homebuyers with ocean adventure in their veins sure can’t go wrong going for a beach house in Grand Baie. This village and its suburb, Pereybere, host many 2Futures’ properties with ties to adrenaline-pumping sea escapades. Residents of these developments can conveniently tap the exclusive 2Beach Club for a catamaran or speedboat onwards exciting sea excursions. […]

Social responsibility: a building block for property developers in Mauritius

A commitment to balance growth with social responsibility is a strong dictum amongst the property developers in Mauritius. This social dimension firmly in place is exceedingly important for buyers or investors in the island’s developments. It helps ensure that their property holdings are in total harmony with the surrounding communities. Specific government guidelines are in […]

Economic multipliers pin tightly on IRS developments

No, you won’t need a divining rod to buy a home in Mauritius located in the country’s growth areas. Tracking the property projects set under the government’s Integrated Resort Scheme (IRS) just may be enough. The government launched the IRS in 2002 primarily to attract foreign investors in the island’s property sector. The name of […]

The advantages of an apartment investment in Mauritius for newbies

There are many channels for foreign investment in Mauritius. And for a new investor, a choice to buy an apartment in Mauritius would be one smart move. The Mauritian government actually has several conduits allowing foreign investments in real estate. However, apartment units built under its G+2 scheme are the most suitable for newbies at […]

2Futures forges ahead with construction on luxury property developments

While time appeared to stand still during the lockdown imposed by the need to curb the global impact of the coronavirus pandemic, 2020 will soon be a thing of the past. However, 2Futures is all systems go in terms of progress on luxury property developments under construction, with delivery dates drawing ever nearer for new […]

Mauritius homebuyers’ guide for smart homes

Home automation has gained ground in recent years in Mauritius. This trend demonstrates the growing role of innovation and technology in the economic fortunes of the island-nation including the Mauritius real estate sector. Such growth has been so dramatic that the country leapfrogged to 52nd place in the Global Innovation Index Report 2020. This new […]

Bird’s eye view of Le Domaine de Grand Baie building progress

“H” is for happy    It’s one thing to watch construction progress on the ground, but these drone shots of Le Domaine de Grand Baie in the north of Mauritius provide fantastic perspective.   What we love most about this angle is the shape of construction. “H” stands for happy, hearty and healthy. That’s all we wish our homeowners to be […]

Smart home buying tips as “new normal” rules Mauritius real estate

Prospective home buyers need to adjust to a “new normal” that the coronavirus crisis has foisted on the global real estate market. In Mauritius, its effective Covid-19 safety protocols have distinguished the country as among the first few to control the disease’s spread. This distinction thereby gives Mauritius homes for sale further prominence amongst foreign […]

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Riviere du Rempart villages strut world-class Mauritius homes

Nine districts comprise Mauritius, with each as unique as the next. For Riviere du Rempart, the distinction comes in the sustained growth of it has contributed to the Mauritius property sector. Approved building and land-use permits in this district in the north of Mauritius have been on the rise in recent years. The district approved 986 […]

5 huge advantages of buying a new home in gated Mauritius housing developments

Gated residential developments have gained much popularity in Mauritius.  This trend came about largely as a result of the country opening its real estate sector to foreign investors or homebuyers from overseas seeking high-quality Mauritius housing. Significantly, houses in a gated morcellement are now also the preferred choice amongst Mauritian homebuyers, especially the younger generation. […]

How to pick rentals cashing in on luxury holidays to Mauritius

Smart investors are wont to include rental properties in their investment portfolio. A rental property, according to industry watchers, has the potential to bring higher returns than stockholdings. This observation gains even more credence, considering the lucrative rental demand from tourists on luxury holidays to Mauritius. The island’s tourism industry has just begun implementing ways to […]

Make it Grand Baie for more rewarding home searches

Properties in Grand Baie should easily rank amongst the prospects that foreign investors have to look first in Mauritius real estate sales listings. After all, its area accounts for more than one-third of all property developments on the island open to foreign buyers. Nearly half of all projects under the government’s Real Estate Scheme, in […]

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Mauritius luxury property developments close to completion

New homeowners who have invested in their happy place with 2Futures, the #1 property developer in Mauritius, will be delighted at the building progress achieved after months of inactivity imposed by the coronavirus lockdown. Le Domaine de Grand Baie and Les Residences de Mont Choisy investors are first in line to receive their keys early in […]

2Futures helps Mauritius communities during pandemic

At the height of the coronavirus pandemic in Mauritius, luxury property developer 2Futures contributed MUR7,8 million to the government’s COVID-19 Solidarity Fund and organised the distribution of 300 food packs to people in distress. Acutely aware of the need to provide support to the most affected people, 2Futures was able to draw funds from its […]

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3 hot tips on choosing your rental investment property in Mauritius

The rental property sector in Mauritius has undergone a rapid expansion since the government launched several programmes opening real estate investment in the island to foreigners.  Significantly, renting out purchased residential properties is amongst the incentives of these investment schemes. As a result, Mauritius villa rentals and other renting choices like apartments have multiplied on […]

Mauritius property investment is better than that in Malta

2Futures is ready to welcome you back to Mauritius

An island without tourists, or visitors of any sort, feels isolated from the world. We at 2Futures can’t wait to welcome you back to Mauritius, our paradise island, under phase 2 of the government’s Covid-19 plan. Mauritius borders open, albeit with restrictions,  today on 1 October 2020.  Those keen on investing in property in Mauritius, or buying a home that qualifies them […]

Picture-perfect moments at Casa Alegria Mauritius

Picture-perfect moments may be temporary by nature, but when you buy a luxury beachfront home at Casa Alegria Mauritius you can make them permanent. Imagine capturing every sunrise and every sunset over the sea from your home overlooking a private beach. There’s something special about the sound of the ocean lapping the shore, no matter […]

Key suburbs help increase property values in the north of Mauritius

The districts of Rivière du Rempart and Pamplemousses combine as an area of rapid development in the north of Mauritius. A total of about 40 villages and towns comprise this two-district area, with Grand Baie as its growth epicentre. Several villages suburban to Grand Baie also combine to help grow Mauritius property values in the […]

Why the coastal lifestyle tops in the north of Mauritius

The relaxed lifestyle in the numerous coastal property developments in the north of Mauritius sure is a prime draw for homebuyers. But there’s more to this perennial holiday mood that appeals most to foreigners in search of short-term or long-term Mauritius housing. Oceanside living offers other benefits besides the enjoyment of water-based leisure activities. These […]

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Mauritius: living an island lifestyle at its best

Though relatively smaller, island-nations like Mauritius offer many things big. Firstly, living in Mauritius offers a nature’s bounty that stands out amongst the world’s best. Head-to-head with the islands of bigger countries, Mauritius emerged No. 6 in the world’s 2020 best-island ratings. This ranking also showed Mauritius as one of just three island-nations in the […]

Luxury living for your golden years in Mauritius

When you buy luxury property in Mauritius, or even when you book a luxury rental for a holiday or short business trip, time is of the essence. You want to capture every sunset, even if you don’t make it to every sunrise. But that’s just for the romantics. The point? The luxury living experience must […]

Mauritius luxury property developer delivers new residential concept for seniors

Seniors wanting a quality lifestyle in an idyllic environment can get it all at Les Residences de Mont Choisy, an exclusive boutique development by Mauritius luxury property developer, 2Futures. Ornate wrought-iron security gates provide a grand entrance to this part of what locals call “paradise island”. It is a welcoming sight that residents never tire […]

Here are 5 potent career paths for expatriates in Mauritius

Popular amongst tourists worldwide, Mauritius, has also been drawing a significant number of foreign workers.  Some recent studies counted expatriates in Mauritius at 45,000, with foreign labour found in all economic sectors of the island. In the near future, the country shall continue relying on expats to complement its local workforce. Towards this end, the […]

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Fitness centres spur active lifestyle in Mauritius

Foreigners relocating to Mauritius will find a growing culture of physical fitness on the island. Active Mauritius, the government agency tasked to foster this growth, has individual wellness programmes in place for different age brackets. For 2020-20221, it’s also budgeted for local partnerships with each of the country’s 21 constituencies. Construction and upgrading of local […]

Business centres are thriving too in the North of Mauritius

Business centres have thrived in Grand Baie in recent years along with its mainstay tourist-oriented establishments and new residential developments in Mauritius. The strategic coastal location of Grand Baie contributed much to this twin success. The town’s territory straddles the boundaries of two of the vibrant northern districts of Mauritius—Riviere du Rempart and Pamplemousses. The […]

Best-kept secrets: secluded beach nooks in the North of Mauritius

The north coast of Mauritius has the greatest concentration of beaches on the island. Most of these beaches adjoin Mauritius property investment ventures including not only resort hotels but also residential developments. For instance, the leading real estate developer in Mauritius, 2Futures, has a property at Merville Beach, AO Residence de Luxe. A short distance […]

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Why it's wise to invest in rentals at Pereybere

Rental property investors looking for an apartment for sale in Mauritius would find it smart to focus on Pereybere. Rental homes here have high occupancy rates owing to their superb location and plentiful local amenities. Vacation rentals thrive in Pereybere because of its much-coveted oceanfront location. Domestic and international tourists alike particularly love visiting the […]

What drives the creative arts in Mauritius?

Mauritius has been successfully moulding itself as a cradle for film productions and similar artistic endeavours to diversify its economy.   Significantly, local property developers have joined in too in harnessing arts and culture to help draw real estate investment in Mauritius. At a paired development of 2Futures in Grand Baie, a creative studio comes bundled […]

These 4 coastal restaurants drive diners to north Mauritius

Waterfront restaurants on the northern coast of Mauritius are icing on the cake of living on the island. These superb dining venues abound particularly along the coastal road from Pointe aux Biches to Grand Baie farther north. Significantly, prime developments of Mauritius real estate have also mushroomed around this charming corridor for gourmands and gourmets. […]

Bain Boeuf and the green domains of Mauritius

Bain Boeuf has a quaint place in the history of Mauritius. The British landed here to take the island from France in 1810. There’s a marker of that event on the Bain Boeuf beach that Princess Anne herself unveiled during a 2010 visit. But there’s more to this northern area of the island that makes […]

4 huge benefits of buying a beach home in the North of Mauritius

With 330 kilometres of coastline, Mauritius offers plenty of beachfront residential properties available to foreigners. Typically on less windy locations, Mauritius real estate developments on the northern shores of the island are thus often the preferred choice of home buyers. Mountains buffer the northern and western side of Mauritius from winds, particularly during summer. And […]

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Go north for your oceanic paradise in Mauritius

There’s a premium on prices of Mauritius properties on the coastal north side of the island. An enchanting oceanic experience has much to do on this perk atop Mauritius real estate prices for these seafront properties. The oceanic paradise this side of Mauritius truly deserves the extra. Just take a peek here at the Ocean […]


All roads lead north to Ki Resort, Mauritius

Driving into Grand Baie, on the way to Ki Resort, Pereybere, is always a thrill. The feeling is the same, no matter how many times you head north from Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam International Airport, Mauritius. Government incentives have encouraged many professionals and companies to establish businesses on the island. Some begin their island home journey by renting […]

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It’s home sweet home for families in Mauritius

It may not be a conspicuous factor, but the country’s strong family values can help drive a decision on relocating to Mauritius. Immersion in a family-oriented culture comes once you moved to the island. The Mauritian society displays its strong emphasis on family solidarity in many ways. For instance, it is common for Mauritians to […]

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G+2: luxury living at softer price points

Homebuyers moving to Mauritius from overseas have significantly grown in recent years, statistics indicate. The island, as per one report,  currently hosts 42,000 foreigners working and living in Mauritius. And this even excludes some 5,000 foreign spouses of Mauritian citizens. World Bank data also show that the growth of immigration to Mauritius between 2000 and 2015 […]

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Why investment in Mauritius real estate looks immune to Coronavirus

The impact of Covid-19 shouldn’t bother much those holding or setting a stake in real estate investment in Mauritius. The property sector is fundamentally more stable than other market-driven industries, given that housing is a basic need. Significantly, too, real estate is amongst the cornerstones which have elevated Mauritius as a high-income economy in the […]

Grand Gaube: the joys of expat life in north Mauritius

The verdict on most guides on expat life in Mauritius is nearly unanimous. Their common suggestion for expatriates to settle in gravitates towards the north to as far as Grand Gaube. An idyllic oceanfront living is a common draw for foreigners to reside up north in Mauritius. There are some subtle differences though along the […]

12 reasons to choose the beach lifestyle in Pereybere, Mauritius

If you want to benefit from the beach lifestyle in Pereybere, Mauritius, here are 12 motivating factors : In the north, you’ll be closer to the centre of tourist activity, Grand Baie. This is where 2Futures made its mark in luxury real estate development. Grand Baie is set to be connected to neighbouring Mont Choisy […]

These are the classic IRS homes that sell

Superlatives are in order when the Integrated Resort Scheme (IRS) crops up on inquiries about Mauritius real estate for sale.  The government launched this programme in 2002, its first salvo in drawing foreign investors through high-end residential properties. IRS projects are easily the largest amongst real estate developments on the island. This comes so, as […]


Living in Pereybere will make you fall in love with Mauritius

Falling in love with Mauritius means developing a basketful of happy memories, a more relaxed demeanour, a golden tan, and even an unexpected liking for island rum. If your addiction to the beach lifestyle is incurable, you’ll no doubt be considering a move to Mauritius. View list of properties for sale  Move to Mauritius Let’s […]


Live in nature’s embrace, live in Mauritius IRS development

The Integrated Resort Scheme (IRS) sets strict environmental standards that Mont Choisy Le Parc meets with flying colours. Definitely, this development’s faithful compliance with IRS environmental rules also contributes to foreigners’ desire to invest or live in Mauritius. The master plan of the Mont Choisy estate reveals how the preservation of the natural environment has […]

How heritage and history add value to Mauritius real estate

The history buffs amongst aspiring buyers of Mauritius real estate are wont to find Mont Choisy Le Parc quite fascinating. This estate, after all, banners an island heritage while moulding itself as modern and word-class. Despite what its name initially suggests, this estate wasn’t named after a mountain. Its name is honorific of Captain Jules […]

4 reasons why investors pick IRS homes for sale in Mauritius

Residences constructed under the Integrated Resort Scheme (IRS) are arguably the darling of foreign investors. Take as an example the Mont Choisy Le Parc, an IRS development that delivered over 200 homes for sale in Mauritius. The property’s developer, 2Futures, has already sold nearly all the residences here moving towards the end of 2020. This […]

A round of golf reveals some home-buying hot spots

Play golf at the Mont Choisy estate, and you’d learn why many foreigners have picked its home sales listings to invest in Mauritius. Before tee-off, your first stop at the golf links’ clubhouse is impressive enough. The golf course is semi-private, and its clubhouse is open even to non-golfers. A residence in the estate hence […]

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Dreaming of buying a home for your golden years in Mauritius?

Blue lagoon. Two little words with a whole lot of visual power when you’re dreaming of buying a home for your golden years in Mauritius… If you’re a movie buff, or a 50-something who enjoyed going to the movies as a teenager, the mention of Blue Lagoon will evoke memories of an unforgettable tropical island […]

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Why moving to Mauritius IRS homes makes sense for seniors

Moving to Mauritius is an ideal choice for foreigners either entering or well into their golden years. The Mauritian government in recent years has initiated programmes to promote the island amongst seniors. The Mauritius Retired Non-Citizen Scheme is one of these programmes.  Foreigners age 50 and above are eligible under this scheme. Originally, it grants […]

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Build a home or buy a property in Mauritius IRS: which path to choose?

Acquiring a home is a complex process that leads to two options when you buy the property in Mauritius. You can either undertake a residential construction or purchase a residential unit rising in a developer’s project. Initiating a home construction personally is a choice that could offer profound pride and delight upon its completion. That […]

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Life’s more than a beach—Mont Choisy is a Mauritius property investment destination too

Do a Google search on Mont Choisy and the top results would most likely be its beach, resorts, and hotels. But make no mistakes about it. There’s more to Mont Choisy besides its magnificent coast of pristine white sands and the upscale tourist facilities that it engendered. In recent years, Mont Choisy has asserted itself […]

You could get lucky at this Mauritius beach home

When I look at this aerial photograph, it makes me want to buy a house in Mauritius at Casa Alegria, immediately. We talk about a home here providing a safe haven at the sea – notice how the land looks crescent-shaped, so the development appears to be hugging the bright-white shoreline. There is so much […]

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Celebrate life at Les Residences de Mont Choisy

The Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation (IHME), an independent research centre at the University of Washington, shares interesting statistics on longevity. In 2017, life expectancy for women in Mauritius was 78.1 years compared to 69.7 years in South Africa. For men, it was 71.5 years and 62.8 years respectively. Health and wellbeing for island […]

House prices in Mauritius attract investors

Properties for sale in Mauritius attract investors, and now is your chance to own a two-bedroom penthouse at Ki Resort in Pereybere. This rare find comes with a pool and pergola on a rooftop terrace included in the price. But what’s really interesting is the payment plan. You can pay for your incredible new home […]

How could investing in Mauritius get advantages from Covid-19?

There just might be a silver lining for some smart property investors in these times of the Covid-19 pandemic. Investing in Mauritius at advantages of a record low repo rate presents this window of opportunity amidst the pandemic. The Monetary Policy Committee (MPC) of the Bank of Mauritius cut this benchmark rate to 1.85% in […]

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New property developments in Mauritius on track

Savvy property investors will be wanting more bang for their buck from new property developments in Mauritius today. However, it’s still less about when and more about where. Location, location, location has long been the estate agents Mauritius mantra. The Smart City Certificate awarded for the development of commercial, retail, leisure, dining and entertainment facilities […]

Le Morne Brabant Beach Mauritius

EDB champions the PDS and so much more

The Economic Development Board (EDB) is the anchor for institutions and individuals who want get the Mauritian Permanent Residence Permit and buy a property in Mauritius. The government formed the EDB in January 2018, merging three agencies into it. These trio includes the Board of Investment (BOI), Enterprise Mauritius, and the Financial Services Promotion Agency. […]

Luxury real estate in Mauritius: best option for worry-free living

Builds under the Property Development Scheme (PDS) are perfect for buyers seeking properties least worrisome in maintenance. This programme promoting luxury real estate in Mauritius has all the bases covered for a worry-free living. The government requires that PDS developers provide day-to-day maintenance services to residents.  These developers must also provide property management services to […]

PDS property for rent groomed as best investment in Mauritius

Many developers have recognised the many potentials of the Property Development Scheme (PDS) emerging as the best investment in Mauritius.  Since its 2015 launch, this programme has spawned some 70 real estate projects, with their rental prospects helping drive sales. The government’s guidelines specifically allow the owners of PDS residential properties to rent out these […]

properties for sale Mauritius

Can you take a short cut to buy a home in Mauritius via PDS?

Buying a home is a complex process, especially for foreigners buying a residence in another country. Foreigners who want to buy a home in Mauritius though have an easier path cut for them. They can easily weave through the home buying maze through the Property Development Scheme (PDS). Notably, it is the PDS companies that […]

property investment mauritius

Why pick a Mauritius property investment in Pereybere?

Pereybere retains a coastal village charm that withstood urban growth in the Grand Baie estate it was once a part of. With its rustic appeal, Pereybere has established itself as a Mauritius property investment destination for the most discerning foreign buyers. Furthermore, this village offers plenty of parcels suited for the government’s Property Development Scheme […]

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First time to buy a house in Mauritius? PDS has a VEFA for you

The hefty amount it takes for a home purchase is often a tough hurdle for first-time buyers. Aspiring homeowners can nonetheless readily take that leap to buy a house in Mauritius.  They can even go high-end in their picks, which is possible under the government’s Property Development Scheme (PDS). They can even go high-end as […]

5 reasons why the PDS draws real estate investment in Mauritius

Developers got on a beeline to list under the Property Development Scheme (PDS) when it debuted in 2015. Since then, the Economic Development Board (EDB) has approved some 70 PDS Projects. This as hundreds of residences built have been sold in the initial PDS ventures. This programme’s remarkable track record is founded on four factors […]

What builds the impetus for the American diaspora in Mauritius?

The American diaspora in Mauritius is relatively small. Other developed countries like the UK and France easily surpass U.S. immigrants to the island. The United States, nonetheless, has a profound influence on Mauritius. McDonald’s and Kentucky Fried Chicken, both American fast food chain icons, notably have many franchises across the 2,040-square-kilometre island. And their menus […]

2Futures mauritius

2Futures: property developer in Mauritius masters the PDS

The sales register has been ringing for builds of 2Futures under the Property Development Scheme (PDS). This despite the challenging Covid-19 market conditions that 2Futures and other property developers in Mauritius faced in 2020.

PDS builds excite many to buy a home in Mauritius

Eco-friendly PDS builds excite many to buy a home in Mauritius

Residences built under the Property Development Scheme (PDS) are amongst the top picks in island market destinations. These builds appeal especially to environment-conscious folks aspiring to buy a home in Mauritius.

Property development mauritius

Who can buy under the Property Development Scheme?

The Property Development Scheme (PDS) is easily amongst the most successful government programmes to attract foreign investors in Mauritius. The broad market base of this innovative programme on property development in Mauritius is partly behind its success.

properties for sale mauritius

The island's north hosts prime luxury real estate in Mauritius

Ask experts about luxury real estate in Mauritius, and they’d most likely cite the northern side of the island. Their rationale rests on solid grounds, given that the north is one of the most well-developed parts of the country.

Les Residences de Mont Choisy apartments completed

We’re counting down for Les Residences de Mont Choisy apartments nearing completion at year end. December 2020 is the date estimated for construction to be over for 2Futures’ collection of 20 boutique apartments.

Serenity Villas best investment in Mauritius

Life is a beach becomes less of a cliché when you’re talking about owning one of the Serenity Villas, the best investment in Mauritius. It’s not so much a question of whether you want to own a new home near the beach. That’s a no-brainer.

Luxury villas for sale near Mauritius smart city

Would-be owners of luxury villas for sale in Mauritius should look north for prime property. If they are near the ocean that’s a major plus. In addition, the Smart City development linking Mont Choisy to Grand Baie will increase their value. Island-style living in Mauritius is far more than sun, sea and sand.

Mauritius diaspora in New Zealand: an island kinship evolves

Several factors augur well for a Mauritian diaspora in New Zealand and vice versa. For one, Mauritius and New Zealand have many striking similarities as island-nations. The two countries are notably both popular travel destinations, with beaches and other natural features as their main tourist draws.

The Mauritian Diaspora Scheme offers multiple benefits

The Mauritian Diaspora Scheme appeals to island citizens with an eye on Mauritius trade, investment and lifestyle, who want to help the island’s postpandemic economic recovery. Latest forecasts for Mauritius indicate a GDP contraction of up to 11%, which is the worst ever for the island.

Trade and investment attract Canadian diaspora in Mauritius

Trade and investment attract Canadian diaspora in Mauritius

Canada is a popular destination of immigrants from Mauritius. Although not as hefty, the echo of Canadian diaspora to Mauritius is also quite appreciable. This considering that the Mauritian territory of 2,040 square kilometres is smaller than the Canadian city of Ottawa.

UK diaspora in Mauritius: a long-lasting influence

The UK diaspora in Mauritius has the weightiest influence on the development of the island. And it’s easy to see why. The island nation was under British rule for 158 years before it gained independence in 1968. Today, the vestiges of the British era remains quite vivid. The form of government in Mauritius—parliamentary democracy—largely bears […]

Mauritian diaspora in the US

Mauritian diaspora in the US: quality over quantity

The Mauritian diaspora in the US is relatively smaller in number than those in other destinations of the island’s migrants. Be that as it may, Mauritian immigrants returning from the US are amongst the catalysts for development most welcome in their Mauritius homecoming. The circumstances that allowed many Mauritians to pursue the “American dream” indicate […]

italian diaspora mauritius

Italian diaspora to Mauritius : a cross-border exchange

A 16th century Italian cartographer, Alberto Cantino, first unveiled the existence of the island now known as Mauritius. This historical footnote, though interesting, is but trivia to factors inspiring an Italian diaspora to Mauritius in more contemporary times. Italian companies in recent years have been increasing their presence in Africa. They can explore further opportunities […]

Mauritian dispora india

Mauritian diaspora in India: recycling a historic migration

The Mauritian diaspora in India sure is a curiosity in how history turns. Migrants from Mauritius to India stem mainly from the indentured Indian labourers that Britain sent to the island in 1830-1920. These pioneering migrant workers, estimated at some half a million, stayed for good in Mauritius. After the island gained independence from Britain […]

Australian diaspora in Mauritius have good reason to stay

The Australian diaspora in Mauritius is as not as heavy as the Mauritians moving to Australia. Nonetheless, Australian interests have established a presence in Mauritius potent enough for some more Aussies to settle or invest in the island. The nonprofit Australian Chamber of Commerce Mauritius (AustCham) is one dynamo that could help bring in more […]