Many people who buy real estate in Mauritius with a view to live on the island will be moving countries not just districts or provinces. The 2Futures team is here to help. We can advise on logistics of the move and recommend professional people and services to smooth the process.

Your property in Mauritius

2Futures is a one-stop shop when it comes to luxury property development in Mauritius. Any reputable real estate agent will recommend that you buy from a well-respected developer with a proven track record. 2Futures has that status.

Rental management

2Futures Holidays ensures that your property is excellently maintained and is well placed on the market at its real value. You will have the luxury of always coming back to a fresh home, and your tenants will love relaxing in an enjoyable and cosy atmosphere.

Residence permit

The Economic Development Board (EDB) wants Mauritius to be a high-income economy. To that end, it is open to foreign talent, know-how and investment entering the country. There are several ways you can get authorisation to live and work on the island. 2Futures can advise you on a solution.

Company incorporation

If you’re planning to move your company to Mauritius or to establish a company on the island, it pays to consult the experts in that field. 2Futures is eager to help you find the perfect location for your office and to introduce you to the business network on the island.

Wealth management

Non-citizens can open a savings account at a Mauritius bank. This will enable regular transactions, transfers, and withdrawals. You can have a current account in a foreign currency to receive funds via domestic and international bank transfers.


Education is free at primary and secondary schools in Mauritius and wearing a prescribed school uniform is mandatory. Private schools, for which fees are payable, offer English and French education systems.

Health insurance

Public health services are available free at several public hospitals and dispensaries. There are also private health services available across the island. They feature cutting-edge technology to assist in providing the highest levels of care. These are not free.


Getting your car to Mauritius is possible but not always practical. We have listed a few things that you need to know before driving in Mauritius.


When you are notified that your container has arrived at Port Louis harbour, you will need to complete formalities with the Mauritius Revenue Authority. This includes presenting ID documents, a valid residence permit, an inventory and Declaration of Value form.


Nobody enjoys separation from their furry friends for too long. Importing an animal to Mauritius is challenging. 2Futures can introduce you to experts who will help you through the process.

We are here for you throughout your move, whether residential or commercial. Contact 2Futures sales consultants to get the ball rolling.

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