Residence permit

The EDB wants Mauritius to be a high-income economy. To that end, it is open to foreign talent, know-how and investment entering the country. There are several ways you can get authorisation to live and work on the island. 2Futures can advise you on a solution.

Permanent residence permit

With an occupation permit in place for three years, a noncitizen can apply to live and work in Mauritius for 20 years. The following circumstances apply:

  • As an investor, their annual gross income must be at least MUR15 million or their aggregate turnover must be MUR45 million for the qualifying three-year period.
  • As a professional, their basic monthly salary must be at least MUR150,000 for three consecutive years.
  • As a self-employed executive, their business income must exceed MUR3 million for the three qualifying years.
  • As a retired noncitizen, who has transferred the aggregate of at least USD54,000 annually to their local Mauritius bank for three consecutive years.

A foreign national, who has invested at least USD375,000 into a qualifying activity, may also apply for the 20-year permanent residence permit. Qualifying activities are agro-based industry, audio-visual, cinema and communication, banking, construction, education, environment-friendly and green energy products, financial services, fisheries and marine resources, free port, information technology, infrastructure, insurance, leisure, manufacturing, marina development, tourism and warehousing, and initial public offerings. This means that they can purchase qualifying property for sale in Mauritius with EDB approval.

If they have held their permit for three consecutive years, occupation and residence permit holders will be eligible to apply for a 20-year permanent residence permit.

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