Picture-perfect moments at Casa Alegria, Mauritius

Picture-perfect moments may be temporary by nature, but when you buy a luxury beachfront home at Casa Alegria in Pereybere you can make them permanent. Imagine capturing every sunrise and every sunset over the sea from your home overlooking a private beach. There’s something special about the sound of the ocean lapping the shore, no […]

Key suburbs help increase property values in the north of Mauritius

The districts of Rivière du Rempart and Pamplemousses combine as an area of rapid development in the north of Mauritius. A total of about 40 villages and towns comprise this two-district area, with Grand Baie as its growth epicentre. Several villages suburban to Grand Baie also combine to help grow Mauritius property values in the […]

Why the coastal lifestyle tops in the north of Mauritius

The relaxed lifestyle in the numerous coastal property developments in the north of Mauritius sure is a prime draw for homebuyers. But there’s more to this perennial holiday mood that appeals most to foreigners in search of short-term or long-term Mauritius housing. Oceanside living offers other benefits besides the enjoyment of water-based leisure activities. These […]

living in mauritius

Mauritius: living an island lifestyle at its best

Though relatively smaller, island-nations like Mauritius offer many things big. Firstly, living in Mauritius offers a nature’s bounty that stands out amongst the world’s best. Head-to-head with the islands of bigger countries, Mauritius emerged No. 6 in the world’s 2020 best-island ratings. This ranking also showed Mauritius as one of just three island-nations in the […]

Luxury living for your golden years in Mauritius

When you buy luxury property in Mauritius, or even when you book a luxury rental for a holiday or short business trip, time is of the essence. You want to capture every sunset, even if you don’t make it to every sunrise. But that’s just for the romantics. The point? The luxury living experience must […]

Mauritius luxury property developer delivers new residential concept for seniors

Seniors wanting a quality lifestyle in an idyllic environment can get it all at Les Residences de Mont Choisy, an exclusive boutique development by Mauritius luxury property developer, 2Futures. Ornate wrought-iron security gates provide a grand entrance to this part of what locals call “paradise island”. It is a welcoming sight that residents never tire […]

Here are 5 potent career paths for expatriates in Mauritius

Popular amongst tourists worldwide, Mauritius, has also been drawing a significant number of foreign workers.  Some recent studies counted expatriates in Mauritius at 45,000, with foreign labour found in all economic sectors of the island. In the near future, the country shall continue relying on expats to complement its local workforce. Towards this end, the […]

Relocating to mauritius

Fitness centres spur active lifestyle in Mauritius

Foreigners relocating to Mauritius will find a growing culture of physical fitness on the island. Active Mauritius, the government agency tasked to foster this growth, has individual wellness programmes in place for different age brackets. For 2020-20221, it’s also budgeted for local partnerships with each of the country’s 21 constituencies. Construction and upgrading of local […]

Business centres are thriving too in the North of Mauritius

Business centres have thrived in Grand Baie in recent years along with its mainstay tourist-oriented establishments and new residential developments in Mauritius. The strategic coastal location of Grand Baie contributed much to this twin success. The town’s territory straddles the boundaries of two of the vibrant northern districts of Mauritius—Riviere du Rempart and Pamplemousses. The […]

Best-kept secrets: secluded beach nooks in the North of Mauritius

The north coast of Mauritius has the greatest concentration of beaches on the island. Most of these beaches adjoin Mauritius property investment ventures including not only resort hotels but also residential developments. For instance, the leading real estate developer in Mauritius, 2Futures, has a property at Merville Beach, AO Residence de Luxe. A short distance […]

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