4 steps on relocating to Mauritius

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moving to mauritius

Moving to Mauritius, as relocating to any destination overseas, surely calls for crafting plans and detailed steps. The whole exercise notably starts on a firmer footing for foreigners buying a residential property on the island. Their purchase of homes priced from USD375,000 not only makes them eligible for a residence permit.  In their purchase, they can also tap a full-service real estate agency in Mauritius who can help organise their relocation.


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Here are some of the steps where such assistance would be most helpful.


Step #1. Submit residence permit application and supporting documents

Make sure that your residence permit application meets all the required paperwork. If you’re buying a residence under a Mauritian foreign buyer scheme, your real estate agent should’ve you covered. The documentation of your residency application wherein the agent helps include:

  • Notary certificate of the residential property deed having been duly registered and transcribed
  • Personal documents, such as certified true copies of your passport and accompanying dependent(s), birth and health certificates, marriage certificate or its equivalent legal document


Step #2. Plan with locals the relocation logistics

Plan your relocation well in advance, as obviously, there is so much to consider, particularly on what belongings to bring. The logistics planning burden should ease considerably if you purchased in luxury developments like Ocean Grand Gaube. You can skip bringing in household appliances here. Its features already include stylish essential appliances in its European-style kitchens.

The logistics of relocating is also less of a hassle if your property purchase is via a service-oriented real estate agency in Mauritius. In 2Futures, for instance, its team can provide logistics advice and recommend professional movers.


moving to mauritius
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Step #3. Reassess and adjust household management

Relocating to another country means adjusting to a new set of factors and rules affecting your day-to-day living. Develop a to-do list on your household budgeting and take into account the local costs of goods and services. Things to consider should, of course, include not only foodstuff and other essential items. Also vital are such aspects as banking, healthcare, insurance, and schooling if you’re raising a young family on the island.


Step #4. Adapt to the country’s governance, culture, and traditions

It goes without saying that it’s a must to obey the laws of the country you’re relocating. Conventional wisdom also dictates the need to adapt to the culture and traditions of the country you’ve chosen to relocate. Moving to Mauritius, in this regard, gives you a head start, as the country’s setting is multicultural. With this character, it has successfully grown amongst Africa’s leading economies and moulded itself as an ideal relocation destination.

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