Art gallery picks for expats who buy a home in Mauritius

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Most expats who buy a home in Mauritius tend to look for artworks that best represent the local culture. Leading property developers in the country are keen on integrating cultural values in their projects. To this end, they have partnered with local creative talents for their projects’ design renditions.

Projects by Mauritius’s no.1 developer, 2Futures, provide good examples of this. Also, the architectural design of 2Futures residences notably accommodates the tropical climate and the modern lifestyle.

Home buyers not only have many wonderful residential options through which to display their collection of Mauritian artworks. Expats who buy a home in Mauritius can also pick art pieces from a wide selection of Mauritian art galleries. Here are some destinations to visit.

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A kaleidoscope of art represents Mauritius’s cultural diversity. Image: Alexas_Fotos from Pixabay

Galerie Vaco

Vaco Baissac, a popular Mauritian painter, owns this gallery in Grand Baie. He studied art in Brussels and Paris, but his works mainly express the Creole heritage of Mauritius. Baissac has represented Mauritius at prestigious international exhibitions in France, Belgium, and Switzerland. Sun, light, flora, fauna, and islands feature in Vaco’s paintings.

Galerie Hélène de Senneville

This art gallery in Pointe aux Canonniers was the first to open in Mauritius in 1987. Its curator, Hélène de Senneville, is also a painter. Her gallery has become a popular meeting place of artists and art patrons. Galerie Hélène de Senneville displays the owner’s work as well as originals and reproductions by other artists. The gallery is also known for De Senneville’s art décor marketed under the label, L’Atelier, which is ideal for residences, shops and hotels.

Seebaluch Art Gallery

This art gallery in Pointe aux Canonniers is reputed as Mauritius’s biggest. Its two-story studio features a rich collection of art styles: impressionism, expressionism, cubism, realism and abstract. International artists from India, Indonesia, and Reunion Island display their works here. Chayetan Seebaluck, a noted Mauritian painter, owns this gallery. His works focus on Mauritian diversity rendered in different styles, mediums, and influences. Seebaluck also owns the nearby Galerie Raphael, which specialises in the ship models that Mauritius is famous for.

Partage Gallery

This gallery is located in a colourful house in Flic en Flac. Its name was derived from the French word for “sharing”, which sums up the gallery’s concept. The theme of the Partage Gallery is the sharing of ideas, knowledge, and culture. More than 40 artists with a variety of styles and backgrounds display their masterpieces here. The gallery’s displays are in several rooms, each with a different theme. These themes include landscapes, contemporary art, commercial art, and the old masters such as Rembrandt.


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