The best retirement plan: Moving to Mauritius

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Retire in Mauritius

Are you 50+ and planning your retirement in Mauritius? If you have questions about the ins and outs of the process, you’re not alone. The best idea is to consult the experts.

Rinie Boshoff, sales consultant at 2Futures, talks to Elizabeth Keeve and Ancerine Harmse, managing partner and relationship manager respectively at Bolt Home Mauritius, in this informative video about how they can help.


Retirement in Mauritius

Can you assist with a retirement visa? How does it work?

At Bolt Home Mauritius we assist people with their application for the retirement permit. You must be 50 years of age or older to qualify and be able to prove income of USD 1,500 per month or USD 18,000 per year. You also need an unabridged birth certificate and a valid passport. Some certifications are required and there are declarations that must be signed but we hold your hand throughout the process to ensure the retirement plan goes seamlessly. You’re able to do this remotely, so you don’t have to start the application process in Mauritius.

Can you move with your kids?

You can, but you must prove they are wholly dependent on you. They must be unmarried and not employed in any gainful activities.

Furry friends are important for retirees. Can they bring them to the island as well? Do you assist with that?

Yes, absolutely. We partner with the best pet relocation agents on the island. Some dangerous dog breeds will not be able to enter. It’s quite an easy process, but it’s time-consuming. It’s best to work through a reputable company to make sure you have the right vaccinations and right blood tests at the right time. Pets from certain countries will have specified quarantine periods too.


Sense of community

There is an amazing sense of community when you live in a Property Development Scheme (PDS). A PDS is a government-approved development that foreigners can buy into.

Is there a good support system for retirees living in these developments?

Elizabeth says buying into a PDS was the best decision they could have made, especially during the lockdown. They had so much support. The retirees enjoy a great quality of life, and are very active, doing everything from SUPing to yoga and hiking as well as hobbies such as painting and pottery. They might even be available to help working moms look after their kids. There are many WhatsApp groups for women as well – tea groups, lunch groups, etc. We can really help make people’s integration into Mauritius easy.

What properties can retirees buy?

2Futures has properties at 2Beach Residences, priced from USD 200,000 for one- to three-bedroom homes. And at Ki Resort, two- or three-bedroom homes are priced from USD 269,000. Retirees wanting to move to Mauritius don’t have to spend USD 375,000 to get permanent residency. They can buy property for less than that under the retirement visa.

If you buy property on the island do you have to stay for a certain amount of time?

No, you can lead the life of a swallow. So you can come and go as you please. Retirees love to spend winters here because the weather is great. It depends on what you want. Here are all our properties for sale in Mauritius.


Watch the full video here:

The best retirement plan: Moving to Mauritius


Cheers to the island life!

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