Build a home or buy a property in Mauritius IRS: which path to choose?

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buy a home in mauritius

Acquiring a home is a complex process that leads to two options when you buy the property in Mauritius. You can either undertake a residential construction or purchase a residential unit rising in a developer’s project.

Initiating a home construction personally is a choice that could offer profound pride and delight upon its completion. That great sense of personal accomplishment, however, comes only after passing the gauntlet of complicated steps in home construction.

The first typical step is a land purchase that has a certain limit for foreign buyers in Mauritius. Through the Permanent Residence Scheme (PRS), foreigners can purchase land in the country, but it’s limited to 1.25 arpents (about 4,275 square metres). This parcel should also be at least 100 metres from the seafront.

Stress-free home acquisition in IRS

A home-building project likewise requires various professional services for the home design, materials procurement, and construction of the residence.  Government permits have to be obtained as well. Taken altogether, such a project is time-consuming and stressful for an individual aspiring to buy a property in Mauritius.

Mont Choisy Le Parc takes out the pains of the home-building process from aspiring homeowners.

You can skip these home-building hurdles though via programmes like the Integrated Resort Scheme (IRS). It was launched in 2002 and follows through the government’s 2000 introduction of the PRS.

The IRS, like the PRS,  is primarily designed to attract foreign investors. Nonetheless, Mauritian citizens and members of the Mauritian diaspora are also eligible to purchase residences developed under the IRS.

More than 1,000 sales have been completed in some 12 IRS projects on the island. Many buyers are drawn to these developments, partly because the home construction is least worrisome for them.



Advantages of ready-for-occupancy purchase

In projects like the Mont Choisy Le Parc of 2Futures, the residences are delivered to the buyers ready for occupancy. These homes are the result of meticulous planning and design for choices on apartments, villas, and penthouses.

These residences were from the drawing boards of the world-famous architect Stefan Antoni. His SAOTA architectural firm notably has a global footprint extending to six continents. With its design pedigree, Mont Choisy Le Parc delivered for 2Futures in 2017 won an accolade from the International Property Awards (IPA). The AO Residence de Luxe, another 2Futures development, also bagged an IPA award that year.

The advantage of buying a home ready for occupancy could thus readily be achieved if you choose well-established developers. In 2Futures, the no. 1 luxury home builder in Mauritius, you can count on a well-rounded team. It not only has architects and designers but also builders and contractors. Its sales consultants and lawyers can likewise further ease the way for you to buy a property in Mauritius.


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