Business centres are thriving too in the North of Mauritius

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Business centres have thrived in Grand Baie in recent years along with its mainstay tourist-oriented establishments and new residential developments in Mauritius. The strategic coastal location of Grand Baie contributed much to this twin success.

The town’s territory straddles the boundaries of two of the vibrant northern districts of Mauritius—Riviere du Rempart and Pamplemousses. The western part of Grand Baie spreads in the latter. The opposite northeastern side of the village, on the other hand, takes a slice of Riviere du Rempart. The village council administering Grand Baie is under the jurisdiction of the Rivière du Rempart District Council.

The office quarters in Grand Baie are definitely high-end. These could even rival those in the country’s capital, Port Louis, adjacent south of Pamplemousses.


2Futures set a new business landmark in north Mauritius with its impressive GBBQ development.

Upscale offices of GBBQ

The no. 1 real estate developer in Mauritius, 2Futures, contributed much to elevate Grand Baie to this status. In November 2011, it inaugurated the Grand Baie Business Quarter (GBBQ), an A-grade commercial building that injected more prestige to its neighbourhood on Chemin Vingt Pieds road.

GBBQ provides a  total of 5,230 square metres of office spaces in a mid-rise building of sleek, contemporary design. The building flaunts superior finishes in its modern executive offices ranging in size from 30 to 90 square metres. The most coveted GBBQ office suites are those on the first and second floors which afford splendid views of the bay and mountains of north Mauritius.

Each tenant or freeholder in the GBBQ building enjoys flexibility in office design. Consequently, this flexible setup gave rise to layouts that best meet individual needs and preferences. Notably, 2Futures has faithfully subscribed to the same customer-centred theme for all its new residential developments in Mauritius.

Success replicated at Pointe Cannoniers

After 2Futures’ remarkable success in GBBQ, it launched in September 2017 the Mont Choisy Business Quarter (MCBQ) comprised of two buildings. This pair—MCBQ iQ and hQ—is located on Pointe aux Canonniers on the western edge of Grand Baie.

In its MCBQ iQ/hQ project, 2Futures again spearheaded in the North of Mauritius sustainable design for office buildings in a tropical urban context. This development set a total floor space of 4,703 square metres in the two buildings. Like the occupants of GBBQ, those in MCBQ enjoy the option of customising their office spaces.

MCBQ notably provides building security 24/7 and has CCTV cameras to monitor its premises. It also features high-speed fibre optic for the Internet connection of MCBQ offices. Basement parking is available as well as secured outdoor parking for vehicles.

The completion of MCBQ and GBBQ has no doubt enhanced the opportunities to live and work in the North of Mauritius. Significantly, 2Futures has also initiated several new residential developments in Mauritius that complement perfectly with these commercial projects.

Contact 2Futures to explore exciting properties close not only to business centres but also near hubs of life and leisure in the North of Mauritius.

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