Health care benefits of relocating to Mauritius

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health care benefits relocating mauritius

The country’s holistic approach to health and wellness is one of the key reasons why many foreign nationals have been relocating to Mauritius. This all-inclusive approach is at once evident in Mauritius establishing a Ministry of Health and Quality of Life to look after the overall well-being of the country’s population.

Aside from addressing health issues, the Ministry also ensures compliance of all schools, hospitals, hotels, and restaurants in the country to the standards of the government’s Food Act. This legislation was enacted in 2000 to keep Mauritius abreast of modern changes in the field of food technology and quality assurance, as well as food consumption patterns.

The health care infrastructure in Mauritius includes over 4,500 beds in private and public hospitals. The country boasts of five major public hospitals and six specialized hospitals. It also has 18 private multispecialty clinics, 11 private specialized clinics, plus 28 medical laboratories.

Public health institutions handle some 73 percent of the country’s health needs. Private clinics and practices, which are accessible throughout the island, caters to the rest.

Most private clinics flaunt state-of-the-art equipment obtained through private investments. Combined with foreign investment on other opportunity areas, such funding have also helped fuel the influx of foreigners relocating in Mauritius.

health care benefits relocating mauritius
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A potent medical tourism sector

 The state-of-the-art facilities now available in the Mauritian private health care sector are matched with highly qualified medical personnel in the country. Given this potent combination, Mauritius has successfully positioned itself as a leading destination for medical tourism.

Patients who undergo treatment in Mauritius’s private clinics can recuperate while enjoying a holiday at a reasonable rate. Foreign patients typically seek treatment in specialty areas such as cosmetic surgery and procedures, fertility treatment, cardiology, orthopaedics, and ophthalmology

In 2016, over 18,000 foreign patients turned to Mauritius either for in-patient or out-patient procedures. Given such a turnout, the value of the Mauritian private health industry has been estimated at around 2 billion MUR.

Foreign investors in the fray

Significantly, several global enterprises have invested in Mauritian centres of excellence to cater to the health care needs of both local and international patients. These ventures include four companies currently conducting clinical trials in the country.

Besides medical tourism, Mauritius in recent years has also been promoting other high-value activities in its health care sector, such as medical education and high-tech medicine. In addition, government incentives for investors have already been instituted in health care development activities. These perks include tax exemptions on the construction of private residential care homes and nursing homes that could eventually add up to the health care benefits of relocating to Mauritius.

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