How to apply in the Mauritian Diaspora Scheme

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How to apply in the Mauritian Diaspora Scheme

Migrants from Mauritius applying to return to the country under the incentive-rich Mauritian Diaspora Scheme have two category options to choose from.

First, they can apply as a professional relocating to Mauritius to take a job in a local company. They should present a valid employment contract   in their scheme application. Professionals who are sole or majority shareholder in their company-employer don’t qualify in the scheme.

Self-employed individuals fall under the second category of migrants eligible under the scheme. These applicants are those with their own trade, business or profession. They should be first listed under the “individual” category of the government’s Registrar of Companies. Self-employed individuals who carry out their activities under a company won’t qualify under the Mauritian Diaspora Scheme.

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Migrants from Mauritius thinking of home get the Mauritian Diaspora Scheme rolling.

The government’s Economic Development Board (EDB) accepts scheme applications online through the portal. The applicants have to submit along with their application forms electronic copies of the following:

  • Passport
  • Birth certificate (and when applicable, those of the applicants’ parents and grandparents)
  • Marriage certificate (if applicable)
  • Curriculum vitae
  • At least two reference letters from past employers
  • Certificate of good moral character (5 years)
  • Contract of employment for Professional Category
  • Business plan and source of funds  for Self-Employed Category

Criteria for approval

The original copies of these documents have to be submitted to the EDB upon an application’s approval. The EDB’s technical committee evaluates each application based on a criteria with weighted scores of 5 to 20 points. Amongst other things, the scores are based on educational attainment, years of overseas working experience, and skills. Professionals are also scored based on their salary per contract and their capability to enhance the skills of local staff.  For those self-employed, the application criteria include their expected income and expected investment.

Processing of an application under the Mauritian Diaspora Scheme typically takes 30 days after its EDB receipt. The EDB will issue a Registration Certificate to an approved Mauritian Diaspora Member.  Subsequently, a new member has six months to return to Mauritius to claim the Registration Certificate and start his/her local employment or establish a business.

Claiming incentives

Mauritian diaspora members have to present their Registration Certificate to the concerned government agencies when claiming their benefits under the scheme. Notably, these homecoming perks include a 10-year tax exemption on income earned within or outside Mauritius. A diaspora member’s first purchase of a residence under the Property Development Scheme is also exempt from registration duty.


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