Make life easier with domotics (smart home technology)

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Domotics smart homes Mauritius

Smart home technology enhances the experience of living in more extensive and luxurious homes by enabling the automatic and remote control of electronic devices you rely on to make life simpler via an app. Also known as domotics (derived from the Latin for home, which is “domus”), home automation may involve scheduling lighting to come on as night falls or to switch off at a regular bedtime slot. 

Why rush a sundowner in a magnificent location worrying about getting into a dark house or a hot and stuffy one, for that matter, if you can set the air-conditioning to switch on an hour before you reach home? That’s a game-changer when you’re living in Mauritius. It will also save money on electricity bills. 

Smart home technology is all about simplifying life at home by getting things done without tracking and managing multiple remotes. For example, one button on your domotics systems can switch your TV to your favourite channel at a particular time and turn off all lights except ambient lights in your living or cinema room. The same is true in the morning. With the touch of a button, you can have your motorised shading system open automatically, switch on the TV news channel if that’s how you start your day and prep the relevant gadgets for morning coffee. 

Moreover, being able to preset your system to open and close shades during the day to control room temperature will help save electricity and protect luxurious furnishings from exposure to harsh UV rays. 


Smart home safety and security 


One of the most popular motivators for smart home automation is security. You can’t put a price on knowing your loved ones are safe and your home is secure whether you are in residence or away. Home automation systems at 2Futures properties in Mauritius

Large touch screens positioned at critical points in the house act as a hub through which you can control everything from lighting, security, music, and video to heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning. 

Can’t remember if you locked up or closed the garage door before you left home? You can check and modify that status on the go. And if you need to keep an eye on elderly residents, children, and pets when you’re out of the house, you can tap into real-time camera views on demand. Likewise, you can use video technology to check who is knocking at your front door and ensure there is no suspicious activity around your home. If a family member locks themselves out or loses their access key or code, you can turn off the alarm and let them in via the app. 

On the entertainment side, you can program the app to play music in different rooms to suit individual listeners or share the same playlist throughout the home. Similarly, you can share your film library and stream video and DSTV wherever required from one clutter-free location. 

2Futures projects designed for high-end buyers come with optional smart home automation, which enhances long-term investment and increases resale value. 


Wired for sound 


Infinity by the Sea,  Marina Bay  and  Sunset Cove  in the west of Mauritius offer smart home customization. Smart security features include a camera at the front door so the homeowner can see who is ringing the doorbell. Furthermore, they can double-check that their home is locked up by remote and not worry about whether they have their access keys. 

Internet connectivity is assured, with Wi-Fi functionality provided throughout each residence. A smart thermostat enables homeowners to control the temperature remotely, an eco-friendly way to improve energy efficiency. Smart LED bulbs may be connected through an app, a smart home assistant, or any other smart accessory so that homeowners can automate and control lighting from a distance. 

Smart speakers like Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant provide wireless audio functionality through voice or app activation. In addition, a sophisticated wired audio system may be installed in penthouses that require various music sources. 

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