Moving to Mauritius with your family

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Moving to Mauritius can be a family adventure second to none when the stress associated with relocating to a new country and home is managed thoughtfully and with wellbeing in mind. For the transition to be as smooth as possible, parents must consider the impact of their children leaving a familiar home, suburb, school and friends and do everything they can to help them settle in their new environment.

Children who grow up outside their passport countries due to their parents’ career moves, among other reasons, are known as Third Culture Kids (TCKs). They experience frequent mobility and transition, leading to challenges and opportunities for resilience. Resilience in TCKs is developed through adequate support from caring adults who try to join expat groups and visit clubs like 2Beach Club where they can meet families with children of similar ages and get their children involved in activities that interest them. Participating in Teens Club Mauritius, Interact, and Lions Club (which has branches in several villages) activities can prove invaluable. Once international school classes start, your children will make friends with their peers, and soon, you will meet them and their parents, too. International schools in Mauritius are located in the Grand Baie area in the north and Tamarin in the west, where large expat communities are well established. English and French are widely spoken, which also makes life easier.

Island ethos helps families settle

Professional emotional education guidance can be crucial in helping TCKs manage challenges like moving to Mauritius. Teaching emotional vocabulary and providing strategies for expression and coping can empower TCKs to effectively navigate their emotions.

Transition care is essential for TCKs, as frequent moves can impact their sense of belonging and well-being. Rituals around joining and leaving international schools provide opportunities for processing grief and building connections. Standardising transition processes and fostering community support, such as through welcome programmes and leaving circles, can help TCKs feel supported and connected in their transitions.

Despite the challenges, TCKs are often adaptable and resilient but may struggle with a sense of belonging and identity tied to a particular location. Their experiences and aspirations, rather than their backgrounds, often shape their identities, leading to a complex sense of belonging and home.

Overall, supporting TCKs requires a holistic approach that addresses their emotional, social, and transitional needs, empowering them to navigate their unique cultural experiences with resilience and confidence.

coastline at Marina BayExploring Mauritius with kids

Mauritius is known as an island paradise in the Indian Ocean, and it’s not just for honeymooners and romantic getaways. Families with children can also have an unforgettable experience exploring the vibrant coastal villages and natural wonders this tropical destination offers. From seaside escapades in picturesque locations to thrilling wildlife encounters, Mauritius provides many activities for kids of all ages. The novelty and beauty of the things they’ll be exposed to will go a long way to easing their adjustment to living in a new country.


Exploring coastal villages

One of the most memorable experiences for families visiting Mauritius is exploring its coastal villages. Take a trip to Poste de Flacq, where you can immerse yourself in the local culture and feast on fresh seafood cooked right before your eyes. Sit back with a sea view, observe village kids joyfully diving into the water, and visit the famous Shiv Sagar Mandir, a Hindu temple on the island of Goyave de Chine in Poste de Flacq. While there, watch for speedboats ferrying visitors to nearby islands, adding an element of adventure to your coastal exploration. You can join them there and then or save the boat ride for another day.


Nature trails and hiking adventures

For families seeking outdoor adventures, Mauritius offers a variety of hiking trails suitable for kids and adults alike. On the West Coast, embark on a kid-friendly hike through the Black River Gorges, where you can enjoy breathtaking views, discover freshwater pools perfect for a refreshing swim, and enjoy a picnic amidst nature’s splendour. For a more challenging hike, consider exploring Le Morne or Lion Mountain, where you’ll encounter stunning landscapes and rich biodiversity.


Wildlife encounters and safari tours

Animal-loving kids will be thrilled by the opportunity to get up close and personal with Mauritius’ diverse wildlife. Head to Casela for a safari tour, where you can spot exotic animals in their natural habitat and create lasting memories with your little ones. Additionally, visit the Crocodile Park and Aquarium in the capital, Port Louis, where fascinating creatures from land and sea await discovery.


Botanical gardens and cultural attractions

Visit renowned attractions such as the Sir Seewoosagur Botanical Garden in Pamplemousses and the Jardin Telfair in Souillac to immerse your family in Mauritius’ rich botanical and cultural heritage. Marvel at exotic flora, learn about the island’s history and enjoy leisurely strolls in these picturesque settings. For art and entertainment, consider visiting the Caudan Arts Centre in Port Louis, where you can explore art exhibitions and theatrical performances suitable for the whole family.

Snorkeling in Mauritius

Exciting boat tours and island cruises

No trip to Mauritius is complete without experiencing its crystal-clear waters and stunning marine life. Treat your kids to an unforgettable boat tour, whether a catamaran excursion to Coin de Mire in the north or to Ile aux Cerfs in the east, where they can swim, snorkel, and bask in the island’s beauty. Explore small islands, witness majestic waterfalls like the one at Grand River South East (Grand Riviere Sud-Est), and savour a traditional Mauritian BBQ for a truly memorable family adventure.

From coastal village escapades to thrilling wildlife encounters and cultural discoveries, Mauritius offers endless opportunities for families with kids to create cherished memories together. Whether hiking through lush forests, embarking on safari tours, or cruising along pristine coastlines, every moment spent exploring this tropical paradise will surely be filled with wonder and excitement.


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