Spaying and neutering campaign with PAWS

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2Futures and PAWS sterilisation campaign

2Futures PAWS sterilisation campaign sponsorship

The birth of the partnership between 2Futures and PAWS started with a sterilization campaign in the Mon Loisir region on Friday 12 August.

Our team members at 2Futures and the volunteers at PAWS spent the day talking to, encouraging and convincing pet owners to bring their pets for free sterilisation.

And we received a turnout of more than 15 animals from owners of the local community as well as strays who were sterilised by PAWS vet team at their clinic.

PAWS and 2Futures sterilisation campaign

Each sterilisation, be it female or male, prevents exponentially the birth of hundreds of cats and dogs that would have added to the stray population, where they would have to fend for themselves.

PAWS operates 2 shelters where they treat, vaccinate and, if they are of age, sterilize strays, before finding a loving home for them to be adopted into. Their motto is Rescue, Rehabilitate and Rehome.

Through its engagement with the communities in which it operates, PAWS has enriched the lives of people and pets in Mauritius. 2Futures is delighted to give a helping hand and is looking forward to a long and fruitful partnership for the welfare of all the furry friends on the island.

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