Foreign investors warm up some more on Mauritius real estate

The recently liberalised rules on the sale of property in Mauritius to foreigners appear resonating well amongst buyers. A poll in a webinar of the Cape Town magazine Real Estate Investor held September 2020 captured this encouraging sign. The survey showed that 40% of the webinar attendees are looking at real estate investment and permanent […]

beach house grand baie

Let 2Futures add "vitamin sea" to your lifestyle

Homebuyers with ocean adventure in their veins sure can’t go wrong going for a beach house in Grand Baie. This village and its suburb, Pereybere, host many 2Futures’ properties with ties to adrenaline-pumping sea escapades. Residents of these developments can conveniently tap the exclusive 2Beach Club for a catamaran or speedboat onwards exciting sea excursions. […]

Social responsibility: a building block for property developers in Mauritius

A commitment to balance growth with social responsibility is a strong dictum amongst the property developers in Mauritius. This social dimension firmly in place is exceedingly important for buyers or investors in the island’s developments. It helps ensure that their property holdings are in total harmony with the surrounding communities. Specific government guidelines are in […]

Economic multipliers pin tightly on IRS developments

No, you won’t need a divining rod to buy a home in Mauritius located in the country’s growth areas. Tracking the property projects set under the government’s Integrated Resort Scheme (IRS) just may be enough. The government launched the IRS in 2002 primarily to attract foreign investors in the island’s property sector. The name of […]

The advantages of an apartment investment in Mauritius for newbies

There are many channels for foreign investment in Mauritius. And for a new investor, a choice to buy an apartment in Mauritius would be one smart move. The Mauritian government actually has several conduits allowing foreign investments in real estate. However, apartment units built under its G+2 scheme are the most suitable for newbies at […]

2Futures forges ahead with construction on luxury property developments

While time appeared to stand still during the lockdown imposed by the need to curb the global impact of the coronavirus pandemic, 2020 will soon be a thing of the past. However, 2Futures is all systems go in terms of progress on luxury property developments under construction, with delivery dates drawing ever nearer for new […]

Mauritius homebuyers’ guide for smart homes

Home automation has gained ground in recent years in Mauritius. This trend demonstrates the growing role of innovation and technology in the economic fortunes of the island-nation including the Mauritius real estate sector. Such growth has been so dramatic that the country leapfrogged to 52nd place in the Global Innovation Index Report 2020. This new […]

Bird’s eye view of Le Domaine de Grand Baie building progress

“H” is for happy    It’s one thing to watch construction progress on the ground, but these drone shots of Le Domaine de Grand Baie in the north of Mauritius provide fantastic perspective.   What we love most about this angle is the shape of construction. “H” stands for happy, hearty and healthy. That’s all we wish our homeowners to be […]

Smart home buying tips as “new normal” rules Mauritius real estate

Prospective home buyers need to adjust to a “new normal” that the coronavirus crisis has foisted on the global real estate market. In Mauritius, its effective Covid-19 safety protocols have distinguished the country as among the first few to control the disease’s spread. This distinction thereby gives Mauritius homes for sale further prominence amongst foreign […]

Riviere du Rempart villages strut world-class Mauritius homes

Nine districts comprise Mauritius, with each as unique as the next. For Riviere du Rempart, the distinction comes in the sustained growth of it has contributed to the Mauritius property sector. Approved building and land-use permits in this district in the north of Mauritius have been on the rise in recent years. The district approved 986 […]

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