What drives the creative arts in Mauritius?

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Mauritius has been successfully moulding itself as a cradle for film productions and similar artistic endeavours to diversify its economy.   Significantly, local property developers have joined in too in harnessing arts and culture to help draw real estate investment in Mauritius.

At a paired development of 2Futures in Grand Baie, a creative studio comes bundled with other amenities for residents. These two projects—Les Residences de Mont Choisy and Le Domaine de Grand Baie—are notably set for a 2021 completion.

Private art studios have likewise been woven to the social fabric in Mauritius. Here are three creativity centres which have established strong roots especially on the north of Mauritius.


Artspace is based at Royal Road, Calodyne, on the north of the island. It runs regular weekly courses and five-day master classes in art and sculpture. Depending on the subject, each course takes in a maximum of 10-2 students. Both beginners and experienced can join these workshops which are open Monday to Friday, 9:30 a.m.– 4:30 p.m.

Artspace has a spacious air-conditioned studio as an inspiring workspace for creative minds. This studio encourages artists to experiment with new ideas and exchange tips on techniques. It also opens opportunities to learn from master artists across the world.


Creative minds are sharpened in the private art studios of Mauritius.


Studio 44

If you’re into the use of glass as an art medium, then Studio 44 at Cap Malheureux, Road B14, is a splendid destination for you. This studio takes pride in its glass craft academy open to all ages. It has all the materials you’ll need to develop mastery of glass art.

Principally, Studio 44 operates a shop selling its masterpieces of items like lampworked beads, jewellery, and tableware. Its ornate products have been awarded the prestigious “Made in Moris” label. Stringent government standards are behind such tag, just like how real estate investment in Mauritius gets top ratings.

Tamarin Arts Centre

Tamarin Arts Centre is an artists’ haven on the island’s west coast, incidentally home too for Manta Cove of 2Futures. The centre occupies five buildings within a 150-year-old site that provides a truly inspiring environment for artists.

This creative hub offers plenty of indoor and outdoor spaces for courses, classes, and workshops on various art genres and disciplines. The centre also incorporates a range of dance and fitness programs, thus further widening its creative appeal.

The arts and culture scene in Mauritius promises more in the near future. Under its 2020-2021 budget, the government is launching the development of a new art district in Port Louis. Along with other strategic public places, the multi-sports complex at Cote d’Or is also gearing up to host fine art exhibits.

These exciting prospects for creatives are but a slice of the elements driving interest on real estate investment in Mauritius. Contact a 2Futures consultant for the full picture of what’s in store for you on the island’s property market.

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