3 key reasons to why you should consider the residency by investment programme in Mauritius

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There are many good reasons to apply for the residency by investment programme in Mauritius. We highlight three key ones in this article.

A natural place to build your dream life 

Ken Annandale and Penny Jones are one of many couples who have moved from South Africa to Mauritius simply because “it’s a beautiful place.”

They had been regular visitors to the island over many years – the first time was on honeymoon – and already knew that it ticked all the boxes for their outdoor lifestyle. They fell in love with the island, its people, and its cuisine. “It’s such a diverse place, a peaceful nation. Our neighbours are Indian, French, Russian, Hungarian – we would never have met people [from countries like these] in South Africa unless we joined a club,” said Ken.

The couple left Cape Town, where they had various businesses, and family, searching for somewhere to live that was safe and where they could enjoy all their outdoor sports. “Penny and I are cyclists, we own a couple of kayaks, we love scuba diving, we enjoy the water, and Mauritius offered us this opportunity to come and play here,” he said at a recent Economic Development Board (EDB) roadshow.

They continue to look after their South African online business, which they can operate from anywhere – including the beach if they so desire.

“One of the things we love about Mauritius is the food. We love to try different types of food and especially love the local cuisine and the fusion between European and Asian styles. I was concerned about whether I could buy the food I’m used to, and the answer is yes. Every year more shops open catering to our specific needs, including a highly convenient delivery service. I love to buy fresh fruit and vegetables, herbs and spices directly from locals at the market. It’s amazingly cheap and affordable,” said Penny.

They’ve also had good experiences with medical practitioners contracted for an eye operation and spinal fusion.

“I believe if you enjoy the beauty of the outdoors, then Mauritius is the place to be. We wouldn’t hesitate to encourage our friends and family to join us,” said Ken.

Growth and prosperity 

residency by investment in mauritius economical growthThousands of island lovers have already realised the benefits of living in Mauritius and running a business from the island, with 7 100 South African companies already established, according to Ken Poonasamy, EDB CEO.

The expected growth rate for 2022 was 7.2% due to a solid rebound in the tourism sector and the recovery of all manufacturing sectors. Poonasamy said this should be even higher in the next financial year as the island continues the path of continuous growth and prosperity.

Safe, stable, and predictable. These are some of the factors that contribute to steady progress and attract companies to Mauritian shores. “There is no policy reversal, which is important for investors. The government is investing massively in the infrastructure landscape – telecommunications, road network, airport and port. The island is connected to the world via three fibre optic cables and there are two more to add in the future,” Poonasamy said at the roadshow.


Tax benefits

  1. Mauritius has an attractive fiscal regime with many advantages and incentives for living on the island and opening a business here. These include:
  2. Free repatriation of profits/ dividends
  3. No exchange control since 1994
  4. Free movement of capital in Mauritius
  5. No capital gains tax
  6. 15% value-added tax and income tax
  7. 15% tax rental income
  8. No real estate, wealth or inheritance tax
  9. 5% registration fees on the purchase of property
  10. 5% land transfer tax/transfer rights
  11. 3% corporate tax on profits derived from exports of goods
  12. No import duties on equipment and raw material
  13. No export duties in Mauritius; VAT on raw materials is payable at customs clearance but reimbursable on exports
  14. 8-year tax holiday under the Investment Certificate and negotiable and tailormade incentives under the Premium certificate
  15. 8-year tax holiday to manufacturers of eligible high-tech products (engineering sector)
  16. The investment tax credit of 15% per year for investment in high-tech manufacturing equipment
  17. 5-year tax holiday under the e-commerce scheme
  18. Fiscal Incentives for R&D Expenditure
  19. Tax holiday for companies involved in specific innovative projects.

Benefits of holding a residence permit in Mauritius

residency by investment in mauritiusProperty investment with a 10-year residency incentive makes a strong argument for the island as Plan B for those wanting to future-proof their tomorrow. As an alternative to traditional property acquisition for residency, investors can now invest in the 2Wealth real estate fund and obtain a 10-year renewable residence permit.

2Wealth caters for real estate investors who want to generate rental income in USD from a pool of high-end residential properties in premium locations, whether in a resort or on the sought-after beachfront. The forecast for the average annual return is 6.5% over 10 years.

The properties are all developed by 2Futures, the leader in luxury real estate developments in Mauritius – and managed by equally respectable operators such as Sunlife, Domitys, Alizee Resort Management and 2Futures Holidays. The fund administrator is International Assurance Limited PCC, a fully regulated insurer in Mauritius.

Those who take advantage of this opportunity have all the above tax advantages, access to modern infrastructure and facilities such as schools and hospitals, and a dream lifestyle in a politically and socially stable country.

For more information, email sales@2futures.com

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