4 reasons why investors pick IRS homes for sale in Mauritius

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Residences constructed under the Integrated Resort Scheme (IRS) are arguably the darling of foreign investors. Take as an example the Mont Choisy Le Parc, an IRS development that delivered over 200 homes for sale in Mauritius.

The property’s developer, 2Futures, has already sold nearly all the residences here moving towards the end of 2020. This is quite a feat, considering the potential returns from other investment conduits like the thriving Stock Exchange of Mauritius.

Essentially, there are four main sales drivers for IRS residences. Here’s how these primers stack up for the Mont Choisy Le Parc’s market gems.


Mont Choisy Le Parc corners a coveted slice in north Mauritius potent for luxury rental investors.

1. Rich rental opportunities in choice island site

The apartments, penthouses, and villas of the Mont Choisy Le Parc can generate substantial income as luxury rentals for tourists. Notably, this property is within a master-planned estate which has established itself amongst the top tourist destinations on the island.

The estate weaves its popularity around its pristine sandy beach and a championship golf course with a striking clubhouse. Also, its acreage features a lush nature preserve with a horse-riding trail within.

2. IRS residency permit expands wealth-building options

Properties developed under the IRS and other real estate schemes in Mauritius are bundled with a residence permit for non-citizen buyers. The government grants this privilege to those investing USD375,000 or more in a home for sale in Mauritius.

The non-citizen holders of this permit can invest and work in Mauritius, thus expanding their wealth-building opportunities in the country. They can also apply for a 20-year permanent residency if they’ve held a scheme’s residence permit for three consecutive years.


3. Mauritius offers liberal tax perks to foreign investors

Mauritius has a tax regime hospitable to foreign investors. The country does not impose a levy on capital gains. It also exempts dividends and interest payment from withholding tax.

Mauritius pegs its corporate income tax at an attractive 15 per cent. It has an extensive tax treaty network with major countries, too, thus avoiding onerous double taxation for an investor.

4. Personal pride and satisfaction in homeownership

Purchase of a residence at Mont Choisy Le Parc offers a great sense of pride. It is an award-winning IRS property development, receiving an accolade in the African International Property Awards in 2017.

This award is a testimony to a superiority rarely found in other homes for sale in Mauritius. Mont Choisy Le Parc offers dwellings defining luxury and sophistication. The materials, finishes, and colours of these homes meld in an appealing design suited to an island lifestyle also a wellspring for aspiring investors.

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