Buying property in Mauritius makes sense for South African retirees

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Mauritius is a wise choice for South African retirees looking to buy property overseas to enjoy their retirement. The national health system of the country counts amongst the world’s best. The advantage in moving to Mauritius from South Africa is evident in the two countries’ national health system rankings by the World Health Organisation (WHO).

The WHO puts the Mauritian national health system at no. 84 out of 191 WHO member countries. It ranks Mauritius 56th for responsiveness. South Africa ranks no. 175 out of 191 countries.

mauritius south african retiree
Many South Africans spend their golden years in Mauritius.

Mauritian prosperity pillars

South Africa also trailed behind Mauritius in the Legatum Prosperity Index – 2019. Mauritius ranks at no. 44 for health while South Africa is at no. 83, according to this London-based think-tank.

Mauritius excelled over South Africa in the other prosperity pillars, namely: governance, investment environment, enterprise conditions, living conditions (quality of life), education, and natural environment.

Buying property in Mauritius for South African retirees likewise provides much better safety and security. For this, the Legatum Institute rated Mauritius 38th, well ahead of South Africa in 136th place.

Notably, a separate study by Global Finance magazine affirms that living is safer for retirees, and everyone else, in Mauritius compared to South Africa. Mauritius was at no. 73 in the magazine’s 2019 ranking of the world’s safest countries, while South Africa was trailing at no. 101.

More affordable residences

Home pricing could be the more compelling reason for a retiree moving to Mauritius from South Africa. The Numbeo Cost of Living Index reveals why. It estimates that the price per square metre of a city centre apartment in South Africa is about 45 percent higher than in a central location in Mauritius. South African rentals are 30 percent higher than in Mauritius.

South African retirees considering a move to Mauritius will do well to consider Le Domaine de Grand Baie. The 135-apartment development is one of the latest Mauritian property projects specifically designed for retirees. It is  an exclusive partnership between 2Futures, the no. 1 real estate developer in Mauritius, Mauritius Commercial Bank, and DOMITYS, the leader in senior services residences in France.

Summing it up, moving to Mauritius from South Africa provides plenty of advantages for seniors or retirees. The rewards of living in Mauritius are easy to achieve, especially with the help of the expert and trusted consultants at 2Futures.


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