Living in Mauritius: a luxury you can afford

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Living in Mauritius can be surprisingly affordable when you consider the advantageous exchange rate for foreign property investors. As a result, buyers have been flocking to Mauritius where living on the island is a luxury you can afford. High-end properties by 2Futures are competitively priced when compared with other popular destinations.

When you compare Mauritius to other countries competing for foreign direct investment you’ll discover more bang for your buck. According to Numbeo, the world’s largest cost of living database, which ranks 132 countries by crowd-sourced data, Mauritius is in 48th place with 53.04.

Significantly, the cost of living index in Mauritius is comparatively lower than in other countries where people often relocate for better quality of life or to look for a second home. Switzerland has the highest cost of living, with 122.40 points. Australia is 16th with 73.54, Seychelles is 19th with 71.59, Malta is 26th with 67.46, the UK is 27th with 67.28 and Cyprus is 36th with 57.93. Portugal is ahead of Mauritius in the cost of living stakes at 54th spot with 49.52.

Shopping and eating out are popular living in Mauritius

If you need more convincing that living in Mauritius is a luxury you can afford, dine out and shop where the locals go. Try to limit shopping in stores that stock imported items typically priced on par with those available in Europe.

Instead, head to the local markets such as Flacq Market, which boasts the largest outdoor marketplace in Mauritius. You’ll find various goods ranging from textile products to locally grown fruits and vegetables for sale at cheaper prices. What’s more, you’ll be immersed in Mauritius’s diverse and charming culture, which has won the hearts of thousands of tourists and homebuyers from abroad.

Direct from farmers and fishermen

Farmers’ markets are also popular in Mauritius. You can even find villagers along the street selling fresh eggs from their own hens at bargain prices. Similarly, you can look for local fishermen selling their catch of the day.

Another option is to visit La Ferme De Mont Choisy. It is located in northern Mauritius at the Mont Choisy Sugar Estate in Grand Bay. You can buy free-range chicken and eggs here as well.

Mont Choisy is also the location of many luxury residential properties for sale. Those by 2Futures, the no. 1 real estate developer in Mauritius, are sought-after by foreign investors considering living in Mauritius at the most affordable price.

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