Luxury real estate in Mauritius: best option for worry-free living

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Builds under the Property Development Scheme (PDS) are perfect for buyers seeking properties least worrisome in maintenance. This programme promoting luxury real estate in Mauritius has all the bases covered for a worry-free living.

The government requires that PDS developers provide day-to-day maintenance services to residents.  These developers must also provide property management services to them. Such requirements include security, gardening, solid waste disposal, and household services.

The government formulated the PDS with the promotion of foreign investments in Mauritius as one of its main objectives. Its guidelines, therefore, call for the development of world-class residential enclaves that would appeal to high-end buyers and investors.

The island's north hosts prime luxury real estate in Mauritius
Ki Resort exudes the epitome of high-end, worry-free living in Mauritius.

Eclectic neighbourhood choices

In addition to their maintenance-included features, PDS projects offer a wide array of luxurious residential units. Prospective buyers thus can choose from varying renditions of apartments, duplexes, villas, and penthouses.

PDS ventures can differ greatly in terms of acreage. The programme’s guidelines allow these developments on freehold land from 1 arpent (0.4220 hectare) up to 50 arpents (21.05 hectares). A PDS project too needs to have at least six residences of high standing. Given the wide land-size variation in PDS , aspiring buyers can pick from  small, close-knit enclaves to fairly large neighbourhoods.

Towards building a luxury brand

Luxury though remains as the recurring theme of the PDS projects, large or small. Their developers have to set up high-class leisure facilities for the common use of the residents. Notably, these components must be commensurate to the scale of a PDS project. This thereby helps set in building the brand of luxury real estate in Mauritius.

Going by the hallmarks of luxury and worry-free living, picks on standouts can start from the PDS developments of 2Futures. This developer banners its leadership on the island’s luxury real estate segment via prime choices in Ki Resort, 2Futures’ most recent PDS project.

Upscale apartments and penthouses

This development features apartments with living areas of 155 square metres designed with three bedrooms and three baths. Ki Resort also offers apartment options on two bedrooms, two baths within layouts ranging from 90 to 118 square metres.

Ki Resort’s crown jewels are its nine penthouses in varying configurations. Choices of two bedrooms with two baths are within floor plans of between 119 and 179 square metres. The three-bedroom, three-bath option, on the other hand, spreads over 205 square metres.

This upscale development takes worry-free living to a higher level with the concierge services it provides to its residents. Ki Resort also has a rooftop terrace and a scintillating swimming pool as its centrepiece. Its residents also have access to the nearby 2Beach Club with amenities signature of luxury real estate in Mauritius.

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The islands north hosts prime luxury real estate in Mauritius

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