Mauritian diaspora fly high in the UK

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Mauritius is a small nation of just about 1.3 million people in a 2,040-square-kilometre island. Nevertheless, this country has carved a robust worldwide presence. Celebrated achievers amongst the Mauritian diaspora in UK and elsewhere in the world certainly help elevate the country’s global standing.

Significantly, the Mauritian government recognizes and puts much weight to the achievements of its migrants abroad. In 2015, it established the Mauritian Diaspora Scheme rewarding its migrants returning to the country with plenty of incentives. In so doing, the government aims to foster a homecoming beneficial for the country and the Mauritian migrants.

A look at the accomplishments of some members of the Mauritian diaspora in UK reveals their high worth for Mauritius. While they may not be actually returning home, their success helps boost the global competitive standing of Mauritius, business-wise especially.

Some of the Mauritian diaspora in the UK are luminaries in their field. Image: Shubham Beeharry on Unsplash

Luminaries in eclectic fields

One standout comes in the person of Professor Kian Fan Chung who’s with the Respiratory Medicine faculty at the Imperial College London. This Mauritian professor is amongst the top 0.01 percent of the world’s scientists ranked in a Stanford University listing. This ranking was based on the research impact of the scientists’ studies on the list.

Kresh Ramanah is another luminary amongst Mauritian diaspora in UK. Kresh is the founder of Stardust Entertainment. His brainchild became one of the most successful Mauritian showbiz ventures not only in London and other stages in the UK. Stardust Entertainment’s events also draw crowds in Paris and other cities in Europe. Top artists of sega, the traditional dance and music of Mauritius, notably get European exposure in Stardust’s shows.

Pure glitz and glamour, on the other hand, get Mauritian-born Yuvna Kim Currun amongst the islanders who made it big overseas. The London-based Yuvna is a fashion designer, model, and a former TV entertainment journalist. She hosted the fashion segment on the Snapshot show of Sony Entertainment Television Asia. Her Yuvna Kim Maison De Couture specialises in bridal and “red-carpet” gowns. Her fashion shoots in Mauritian locales come as an endearing reminder of her roots.

Potent Mauritian resource in UK

Certainly, there are many more “unsung heroes” amongst the Mauritian diaspora in UK judging by their sheer number alone. Britain’s Office for National Statistics estimated in 2014 that 41,000 people born in Mauritius are living in the UK.

The recent efforts of Mauritius to tap its overseas migrants can yield positive results amongst the Mauritian diaspora in UK. Like Kresh Ramanah and Yuvna Kim, most of them retain much of their Mauritian identity. In more ways than one, they are ready with what they have attained overseas to help their country of origin any way they can.

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