Unlocking Mauritius passport for foreigners: how and why

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Foreigners who have legally lived in Mauritius for a qualifying period can seek naturalisation. Non-citizens who invest in Mauritius can pursue this process with their investment as a stepping stone. In turn, they can gain many benefits from acquiring a Mauritian passport.

The Henley Passport Index rates the Mauritian passport amongst the top 3 in Africa and top 50 worldwide. Mauritius earned this distinction with its passport honoured visa-free in 146 countries. The ranking is based on the database of the International Air Transport Association, the largest and most precise travel information.


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Naturalisation for investors

The Mauritius Citizenship Act sets these conditions for foreign investors to be naturalised as a citizen of Mauritius:

  • An investment of not less than USD500,000 in Mauritius
  • Continuous residency in Mauritius for not less than 2 years prior to the date of the naturalisation application

Generally, applicants for naturalisation also have to:

  • Pass a test on good character
  • Speak English or another local language well
  • Show intent on permanent residency on the island

properties for sale mauritius
Les Résidences de Mont Choisy : An investment in a boutique apartment is an enticing ticket for a Mauritian passport for non-citizens.

Real estate as a stepping stone

Foreigners who invest in Mauritius real estate are eligible for a permanent residence permit of up to 20 years. They have many great choices on properties that would qualify them for naturalisation and a Mauritian passport.

For the top choices, it is best to proceed to the north of Mauritius. Here, 2Futures has several luxury real estate projects either underway or already completed.

One of these is Les Residence de Mont Choisy. It features a 20 boutique apartments with a  gross building area of 4,160 square metres and a development value of USD14 million.

2Futures developed this project under the government-promulgated Real Estate Scheme open to foreign investors. Non-citizens investing in this property can buy units qualifying them for permanent residency and eventual eligibility for a Mauritian passport.

Residential investment options

The choices here include apartments priced from USD490,000, featuring two bedrooms and two baths. The floor area of these units ranges from 137 to 147 square metres.

For larger alternatives, the Mont Choisy Le Parc nearby offers investment options for non-citizen buyers. 2Futures completed it in 2018 under the Integrated Resort Scheme that has lured many foreigners to live in Mauritius long-term.

To weigh these choices, contact 2Futures consultants Rinie at +230 5817 75 or rb@2futures.com or Sandra at +230 5474 0302 or sc@2futures.com. The legal team at 2Futures can also provide more insights on Mauritian naturalisation and applying for a Mauritian passport.


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