Where Mauritian diaspora fit most in a homecoming

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Where Mauritian diaspora fit most in a homecoming

Members of the Mauritian diaspora have many windows of opportunities for a rewarding homecoming both for the country and themselves.

Mauritian overseas workers with entrepreneurial dreams will find a hospitable regime upon their return home. The government has declared the promotion of entrepreneurship amongst the priorities of its 2020-2021 budget. It is also adopting measures to protect small and medium enterprises (SMEs).

These initiatives are part of the government’s plan to lift the economy from the downturn due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The government believes that to jump-start the economy from the slowdown of Covid-19, it has to cultivate entrepreneurship, creativity and ideas, amongst other measures.

Funding for innovative ventures

Following this line of thinking, the government is creating a Technology and Innovation Fund. This fund will invest up to MUR2 million equity on projects that the Mauritius Research and Innovation Council shall recommend.

Enterprising Mauritian diaspora and migrant workers returning home have a funding conduit to explore in the Mauritius Investment Corporation (MIC). This is a newly formed agency under the Bank of Mauritius. The central bank has tasked MIC to invest in ventures geared to make the country self-sufficient in key basic necessities. MIC shall also invest in businesses enhancing the government’s drive towards an innovation-driven Mauritian economy.

Mauritian Diaspora
Eclectic opportunities await smart and enterprising Mauritian migrants on their homecoming.

Promising career paths in home country

Career-minded Mauritian diaspora will also find rewarding opportunities in certain fields where expertise is now in demand in Mauritius. These opportunity areas include information technology, blue economy, green economy, climate change, robotics, and research.

A myriad of job openings could be expected from the establishment of the new Data Technology Park at Côte d’Or. Twelve specialised centres requiring highly skilled personnel are the components of this park.

These centres include: ICT Operation; Business Operation; Sustainable Technologies; Additive Manufacturing and Design Innovation; Deep Artificial Intelligence; Advanced Science; Accelerated Technical Training; Logistics and Services; Food Technology; Health and Wellness; Media and Communications; and Reform and Policy.

The MARS submarine fibre optic cable linking Mauritius and Rodrigues Island also provides a multiplier effect on job creation. More so that a new Technopark is up for completion at Baladirou in the island of Rodrigues.

To cap it off, the Economic Development Board has devised a Mauritian Diaspora Scheme for the country’s migrants. This programme woos qualified Mauritians living abroad to return and contribute their skills and resources to grow the country’s economy. This scheme offers plenty of amazing incentives for those willing to play a role where they’re needed most.




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