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Ki Resort is a PDS project in progress of bringing delight to home buyers and investors alike.

Finding the residences priced just right can be a challenge especially for homebuyers entering a foreign market. In Mauritius, buyers of prime residences already built can even face the hurdle of competing bids from other buyers. This comes because overall demand for Mauritius homes has picked up since the country opened real estate investments to foreigners.

Significantly, the foreign homebuyers in Mauritius not only consist of investors but also include end-users of the purchased residences. Moreover, an increasing number of nationalities are entering the island’s residential property market.

French and South Africans traditionally dominate the island’s home market. But now, foreigners engaging the Mauritius real estate market also include homebuyers from more European countries like Germany, Switzerland, and Belgium. Interest from U.S. and Canadian buyers is mounting as well.


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Navigating the price ranges

The dynamics of the Mauritius home market thus have grown more complex in recent years. More so that the sector has evolved various price bands which buyers need to navigate.

Amidst all these, 2Futures cuts to the chase and offers the best value for your money in a Mauritius home purchase. At the USD285,000 price threshold, homeownership opens for a two-bedroom apartment in its 2Beach Residences in Pereybere. This property is a G+2 development allowing foreign purchases of more than one unit.

This development is therefore suitable to rental investors as well as to foreign buyers eyeing a vacation home in Mauritius. G+2 developments don’t provide a permanent residency permit to foreign buyers. Nonetheless, they can enjoy long stays on the island via the one-year renewable Premium Travel Visa that Mauritius launched in 2020.


2Beach Residences unlocks buyers’ entry to coveted coastal properties in the north of Mauritius,


Permanent residency’s home price threshold

Foreign homebuyers who want to live on a permanent basis in Mauritius can pursue their plan via a purchase at 2Futures’ Ki Resort. A project under the Property Development Scheme, it features two-bedroom penthouses priced starting from USD375,000. This price threshold notably makes buyers and their dependents eligible for a permanent resident permit. Ki Resort also offers larger three-bedroom penthouses with  starting price at USD515,000.


A two-bedroom apartment in Ki Resort priced from USD375,000 opens permanent resident status in Mauritius.


Both Ki Resort and 2Beach Residences provide a generous amenities package rarely found in other properties. Their residents automatically gain membership to 2Beach Club with high-end resort facilities on Pereybere Beach.

2Futures’ property portfolio provides many windows of opportunities for prospective buyers of Mauritius homes. For sales enquiries on other properties and their price points, contact  2Futures consultants Rinie at +230 5817 75 or rb@2futures.com or Sandra at +230 5474 0302 or sc@2futures.com

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